You read that right! Comcast is now offering their “Terabyte Internet Experience” to all residential customers. What does this mean?

It means that if you are a heavy user and use more than 1TB a month they will be charging you $10/50GB over the 1TB or you can pay them $50/month for “Unlimited Data”.

My household has 4 people and 3 of them are IT Professionals and Gamers. We use around 1.5TB-2.0TB a month depending on what is going on. That means I either fork over the $50/month up front or risk paying $150-200/month in overages. This is absolutely ridiculous and why everyone hates Comcast.

I urge EVERYONE to file a FTC complaint about this. Hopefully if enough people file complaints they will address this issue. You can file a complaint here:

This is a direct violation of Net Neutrality. Why? Because if you pay for their streaming services and use them it doesn’t count that data against your data cap.


Email from Comcast that I received today:

Comcast Extortion
Comcast Extortion