Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I can only assume that you are on this page because you want to know a bit about myself.

I started out with technology around age 12 when my grandmother gave me a broken Commodore 64 to play with and fix. After that, I was hooked. I built my first computer at 13 and have been building them ever since. I have been working full-time in the IT field since I was 20 and before that, I worked part time doing IT support and consulting.

If you are a potential employer my resume can be found on my LinkedIn Page, however, I am not looking for employment as of right now. In addition to computers, I also enjoy motorcycle riding, photography, and cars.

I live in the south suburbs of Chicago with my Fiancee and one of my best friends. I have friends all over Chicagoland and most of them are nerds. Big surprise right?

Anyways this site is just a way for me to share some knowledge with the rest of the world. All opinions and information are solely my own and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs, or morals of my employers (past and present). If there are files that are hosted for download on this site and you are the owner and want them taken down please use the contact form with a link to the content that you would like removed and I will gladly take it down.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!