Mar 11

OwnCloud vs. DropBox – Conclusion and Thoughts

At the end of January I made a post about giving OwnCloud a spin as a replacement for DropBox. I used this solution for over a month and overall I was quite happy with it, but there was one killer feature that made me go back.

What does it do well? The desktop to cloud sync works very well. It works the same way that DropBox does. It does sometimes take a while for the initial sync but after that it is on par for smaller updates with dropbox. There is the ability to have multiple users and also plugins are available to extend the features of the OwnCloud server. You can even leverage 3rd party cloud storage services (DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc). This is a nifty feature but I did not use it.

I wanted to make this post longer but it really doesn’t need to be. The bottom line is that if you use OwnCloud mainly for desktop to desktop sync and maintaining a backup in the cloud this will work very well for you. The thing that made me go back to DropBox is that the camera upload function of their Android app was simply too fickle and unreliable to actually get the photos up to the owncloud server. In addition to being fickle it will NOT upload video files. I heavily rely on this everyday and this was the killer feature that DropBox just did well.

Again if you just need a desktop to desktop with cloud backup then OwnCloud is great. But if you rely on the camera upload feature of DropBox then you will be very disappointed as this just simply does not work well.

Mar 11

Such Update. Very Post. – Hello Again! Reviews and Updates Inside

As some of you have noticed I haven’t been posting as frequently in the past 3-4 weeks. Due to my main job being abnormally busy I haven’t had the time to get some posts put together and up. What I am going to do here is just re-cap any open posts (except for the Dropbox vs OwnCloud post) in this and update you on some previous posts.   Let’s move on to the reviews and updates on the TP-LINK I keep posting about.

The TP-LINK Archer C7

Lets talk about the TP-LINK Archer C7 router. I have made a few posts about new firmware that appeared to “fix” the instability with the wireless connections but then only to follow up a few weeks later with yet another firmware. The bottom line is that I can no longer recommend this router. It requires constant restarts to get it to even work for more than 4-5 days. I ended up selling it on eBay to try and re-coup my losses. I appreciate the support from the TP-LINK support staff but in the end I want a product that works and not something that needs to be babied. I replaced the TP-LINK with a NetGear R7000 AC1900 Router. It has an AP mode (kudos to this!) and it is VERY fast AND stable. It was twice the price of the TP-LINK but you get what you pay for.


HP ZR2740w Monitors

I have been eyeballing these on for a year or two now every time they have the refurbished ones on there for $349 +shipping. I finally pulled the trigger and picked up 3 of them to run in a triple head setup on my main desktop. Overall if you can get them for the $349 price it is an absolute steal. They are perfectly fine for gaming and excellent for working on. I did have one that had issues out of the box but HP support overnighted me a NEW panel and a pre-paid label to send it back. Such service. Very speed. Wow. They are 2560×1440 monitors with built in USB 2.0 hubs. They are VERY basic (no OSD) but they are solid and do exactly what a monitor should.

Feb 24

Comcast and Verizon are Advocating Piracy, Not really but indirectly they are

Last year there were many articles (here is one of them: TorrentFreak – Netflix Says It’s Killing BitTorrent Traffic) coming out with statistics showing that Netflix is lowering the amount of pirated materials as more and more content that users would normally pirate becomes available to watch on the Netflix service. However now that the big ISPs got the FCC regulation lifted that was basically keeping net neutrality in place they are now “throttling”, simply limiting the speed, of the Netflix traffic down to a speed that makes the Netflix service almost unusable. In addition to Netflix being affected any other services that are run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers will be throttled as Netflix leverages the AWS to deliver their content.

How do you know if Netflix is being throttled? It’s quite simple. If you were previously able to view HD grade streams (aka very clear) on Netflix and you are now getting low quality picture and/or audio when watching Netflix you are likely being throttled. I am sure there are ways to see exactly how limited it is but I am not aware of them, so if you know how drop me a line and I will update this post with it.

Now how does this promote piracy? Let me explain. Let’s say I am on Netflix and I want to sit down and watch a movie on there. I login, click the movie, and it begins playing. However even though my internet connection is showing great speeds and there are no other issues at play my video quality is horrid and stops to buffer (load) all the time. Now I can just deal with it or I can download uTorrent then head over to ThePirateBay and download the movie at full speed. I will then have a full HD copy of the movie saved on my PC that I can now watch without any quality or loading issues.

The whole reason people like Netflix is the convenience and the quality of the service. Now that Comcast and Verizon are throttling (reports are showing down to 2mbps) the traffic for Netflix people may look elsewhere to get their files. I am not advocating piracy here but I am just saying that if this convenient method for legally watching copyrighted content suddenly isn’t as easy or doesn’t work as well people will go elsewhere and pirating themedia is really the only other alternative that is not overpriced. I don;t know about you but if I had the choice of paying $8+ a month for choppy, low quality video playback or a 5 minute download of a free HD video the choice would be clear.

In closing these carriers are greedy corporations and we have no other real alternatives at this point. We need to lobby against these practices and take back our internet. Do you know that the US pays the most for internet access yet most of us have speeds that are slower than ISPs in 3rd world countries? And that is still not enough for these big corporations that keep nickel and diming us and other companies. Why? Because they can. They own all the cabling, equipment, and other parts that deliver the network. They keep other small ISPs out of the market that try to come to the market and this hinders competition. I don’t know about you but where I live but I can pay Comcast $80 a month for a 50Mbit unmetered connection or AT&T $150 a month for a 25Mbit 250GB capped connection. Either options are horrible but Comcast in my case is the lesser of 2 evils. Think about that and let that sink it.

But in case you still don’t believe me have a read at this article that shows a ton of evidence pointing that this is happening now. Article: Is your ISP throttling Netflix streaming speeds?


Jan 31

NOT! TP-LINK Archer C7 Router Finally Stable! – New Firmware Inside

As you recall in previous posts I was having random connectivity issues with my Archer C7 router. I found another firmware that was sent over to me from a contact I have. This firmware is 100% stable and has not shown any of the connectivity issues I had in the past. Download link is below. Flash it and let me know if you have an improvement too!

UPDATE: As of 12 days of running this I am getting drops yet again. I am going to RMA my router and get some other brand. I am done with this sub-par router.

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Jan 19

Quick Update – Dogecoin Wolong Spike Up from 50 Satoshi to 85+ Satoshi

There was this guy that came into the IRC channel last night and started saying how he can manipulate the price of the coin. We all didn’t believe him until it started happening. He claims to have over $10 Million USD to invest from his investors into DOGE. I have been watching it and I feel like it may pop or shoot up. TO be safe I have invested about 50/50 DOGE and BTC. But here is the chat from last night. Hes definitely playing games. Sit tight fellow shibes. Lets ride this out and see what happens.

[-wolong-]: More common in china lol
poordoge: psychological warfare
[-wolong-]: ok putting it simple
TheDoctor: heh
[-wolong-]: let’s say price is at 80 now
[-wolong-]: 50 BTC sell walled up
[-wolong-]: what i do is simple
[-wolong-]: that 50 BTC is mine
[-wolong-]: i clear that shit up
dubaiss: lol
[-wolong-]: 50 btc, that will trigger massive buy ins
dubaiss: > so easy
[-wolong-]: and then people will buy at 81 BTC 82 83
Tuxedage: Clever.
Tuxedage: Incredibly so.
Deadhand: ok
Tuxedage: One would think you would put a 50 BTC buy wall instead.
[-wolong-]: i will have some small orders up there
TheDoctor: hopefully thas all they got
ReservoirDoges: [-wolong-] so you remove the 50 btc sell wall? or you buy your own wall?
[-wolong-]: that is where my orders get bought
Tuxedage: But you’re actually doing the opposite
TheDoctor: b/c they could feed the wall
[-wolong-]: and then I will place high bids at 81 again
[-wolong-]: or 80
Deadhand: mmm
[-wolong-]: and act as a new form of support
[-wolong-]: This is how i substain prices
[-wolong-]: and move prices
[-wolong-]: and also benefit from a few spread
coj_satoshibe: Tuxedage: he probably as a buy wall as well
[-wolong-]: ReservoirDoges: i have to buy the wall
Tuxedage: [-wolong-], were you ever trained in TA or market pricing?
[-wolong-]: to create the delusional effect
[-wolong-]: sopmeone is BUYING HUGE on 50
Tuxedage: Or is this all based on your own research?
[-wolong-]: but the real fact is
[-wolong-]: im just selling to myself
[-wolong-]: Tuxedage: as mentioned earlier, I am a forex and stocks trader
[-wolong-]: 7 years of experience
coj_satoshibe: all that volume you see on cryptmarketcap is just wolong selling to himself lol
== paston [] has joined : heDoctor
: -wolong-]: and picking everything up in between
ReservoirDoges: Tuxedage, just learning from the experienced haha
poordoge: how much fees has you given to cryptsy doing that lol
[-wolong-]: by doing this, i don’t add up unneccessarily extra amount of doges to my reserve
Deadhand: makes sense wolong
Deadhand: now there’s like 20 BTC on 83
[-wolong-]: or neither do i have to incur buying at higher prices everytime i move price
Deadhand: er, 84
Deadhand: 10 on 83
[-wolong-]: i just need to pay 0.2% fees
coj_satoshibe: 0.2% buying, 0.3% selling
[-wolong-]: what’s safer? pay 0.2% fees or hog up tonnes of doges, gaining more exposure
[-wolong-]: :P
== fake2 has quit : Stallman
: nd I’m still waiting for Cryptsy to release my funds.. as I’m sure everyone else is
TheDoctor: the fees get balanced out with the rise in price
TheDoctor: easily
k33k: brb buying cryptsy fee shares lol
[-wolong-]: taking up orders on 81 82 83 might cost me 20 BTC, draining 20 BTC of shit
[-wolong-]: but clearing 50 BTC? left hand to right hand?
[-wolong-]: 0.5% of 50 BTC
[-wolong-]: cost me 0.25 btc
TheDoctor: not too bad
[-wolong-]: that’s the maths
the_mad_crapper: [-wolong-]: thats more money that i have in cryptsy
== sloperd [] has joined : he_mad_crapper
: .25
the_mad_crapper: =p
poordoge: haha
fyrstikken: [-wolong-]: I hope I am your cryptsy-referance : cf6aef7e16a812be73366dac7e3a777233a4a7c5
[-wolong-]: so now everyone understand how shit works right?
ReservoirDoges: hmmm… so it wouldn’t work just removing the sell wall and placing a buy wall at that price right afterwards? e.g. removing a 50 btc sell wall at 80, then placing a 50 btc buy wall straight after?
TheDoctor: what happens if someone pops up in the middle and sucks it all up on the way to the other hand?
specialdoge: yes
[-wolong-]: fyrstikken: i have accounts link to one another reference for rebates
[-wolong-]: lol
fyrstikken: lol
poordoge: i didnt know wolong until yesterday
Deadhand: hahaha
[-wolong-]: TheDoctor, that is known as the battle of the bankers
Tuxedage: ReservoirDoges, I have a lot of theoretical knowledge about market pricing/forex/trading
[-wolong-]: if he takes up my 50
TheDoctor: right right
[-wolong-]: either i cap prices
Tuxedage: but very little practical experience
[-wolong-]: and he buys all i have
[-wolong-]: or
Tuxedage: I find this all very fascinating.
[-wolong-]: i don’t move price forcing him to sell out