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As you have read I have switched my CryptoCurrency exchanges a bit. I was using Cryptsy until it became slow and deposits took forever to reflect. Then I switched to Coins-E and then they forked and cost me over 130,000 DOGE coins. Then I switched yet again to CoinedUp and today they completely went down and still are having issues. Now I have switched over to CoinEX.pw and I am going to see how they are. Long story short is that Cryptsy is OK but deposits are SLOW. Coins-E is just not on the ball and should not be trusted as they tend to fork. CoinedUp is good and free but it’s continually SLOW and down when there is a high demand. CoinEX.pw seems solid so far and I will update you if there are any issues. I also tried Vircurex but their site is horrible and not very intuitive.

In regards to my update on upcoming posts Coins-E still has never responded to any of my support emails (all 15 of them) or my tweets (all 20 of them). They cost me over 130,000 DOGE coins because of their neglegance. I will NEVER trust them again with my crypto coins.

As for CoinedUp they were doing OK until today when their site has been intermittent and caused me to miss out on trading during a peak of the DOGE trading. I cannot in good faith recommend them until they get things straightened out. In the mean time I am trying out CoinEX.pw and seeing how they go.


Upcoming Reviews and Posts

I just wanted to take a few moments to give you guys a heads up as what is in the works to come through out the next few weeks. This is everything that I have lined up and I will try to stick to the release dates below. If you have a product that you want me to review please contact me via the contact me page on here and I will get it setup for you. Thanks everyone for reading! Have a great weekend!

Computer Hardware

  • HP ZR2740W – 27″ IPS 2560×1440 Monitor Review – Coming 1/22/14
  • Re-Pasting R9 290X Stock with Geild GC-Extreme Paste – Done!
  • Arctic Cooling Accelero III on R9 290X Review – Coming 1/20/14
  • R9 290X Overclocking for better KHashes – Done!

Computer Software/Services

  • OwnCloud vs DropBox – Intro Done! – Followup Coming 2/7/14

Network Hardware

  • TP-LINK PoE to 12V Power Splitter Review – Done!

Crypto Currency Things

  • CoinedUp Review – Done!
  • Coins-E Lost DOGE Update – Done!

Much loss. Very sad. Such lacking support. Goodbye Coins-E, Hello CoinedUp

A few days ago I posted a follow up to my Crypto Currency adventures. I had recommended Coins-E for an exchange at the time after Cryptsy had utterly failed me. I had been happy with Coins-E but what happened is they had a fork happen with their DogeCoin block chain. The easiest way to explain is that now I have over 130,000 DOGE that are lost in an alternative parallel universe. Now if their admins got off their butts and did something to fix this I may get my coins back. However after reading other peoples tweets and posts on Reddit it seems that their support is unresponsive in all the ways (tickets, email, twitter, etc).

What now? Well I am still mining DOGE to make some extra cash and have fun with the Crypto currency and I have since moved to CoinedUp. They are a FREE exchange that has a much better track record than Cryptsy, Coins-E, and BTER. I am going to use them and if I have any issues I will definitely post a follow review on them.

To the Coins-E admins if you could send me back my 130,000+DOGE that would be great. My DOGE address is DF21TzKkUgZmZhFpQggYQxobWow5HU3VdV

Coins-E is on the wrong fork!!!

1-7-2014 5-19-53 PM

This means that their blockchain is forked and the coins are on their little universe. DO NOT withdraw your DOGE from Coins-E. They will possibly get lost in the fork. I lost about 130K of them. Fun stuff… I didn’t know this until someone put it on Reddit.

Update (1-8-14): I tried and failed. The recovery steps did NOT work. I am just sitting tight and hoping that Coins-E gets their act together. In the mean time I am using CoinedUp.com as per a recommendation from the #dogecoin freenode channel.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/1ukwrn/psa_coinse_is_on_the_wrong_fork_currently_so_do/

I am going to try and recover my coins via the meth
ods below:

3 methods for recovery

Modified on: Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 2:13 PM

First try running the RPC command repairwallet. This can be done via the console in your wallet. Navigate to Help/ Debug Window / Console.

This command will look for any bad transactions but may not work as your wallet likely still sees the transactions as good

If that doesn’t work a redownload of the blockchain may correct this

Lastly a fail safe method

First your going to want to dump the private key of your wallet run the command dumpprivkey followed by your address

You will want to save a copy of the key and a backup of your wallet.

Then close your client and leave it closed for some time. At least a few hours. This will give any bans you may have received from being on the bad fork time to expire

If you have a backup of your wallet.dat then go ahead and delete everything in your appdata/roaming/CoinName folder

Then restart the wallet and let it download the chain until synced

Once synced run the command importprivkey followed by your private key

This is a method I found myself. It removes all the transactions from the wallet and when its imported it can only find whats in the blockchain. So the coins you sent are no longer sent and should be in your wallet.

I don’t know if this will be of any help to you guys but I thought I post it anyway.

Hope you’re all able to recover your coins 🙂

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/1umrma/for_those_that_have_lost_coins_in_the_fork/

My Journey with Crypto Currency – Getting Started and Thensome

As promised I am writing the next post on my Crypto Currency adventure. When I last wrote I mentioned some sites for trading and to setup accounts on there. I wanted to preface this post by saying that I have since changed what USD to BTC exchange I am using as well as the coin exchange that I am using.


coinbase_logo_whiteFor my exchange to purchase and sell BitCoins I am using CoinBase. Their verification process and speed of the transactions is top notch. Their site is easy to use and the fees are low. They are also based in California. Everything I have found on them checks out and I can say with confidence that they are very legitimate and there is a very low risk of shady things happening with them.Continue reading