3D Printing and I – Where is everything moving to and a huge thank you!

Hello everyone!

I am sure a lot of you have noticed that I have been posting a lot of 3D printing related posts here as of recent. This is something that I took up in late 2016 as a hobby that has blossomed into not only a hobby that I enjoy but now a side venture that is quickly overtaking my IT side of things. It is for that reason I have decided to move the 3D printing related things under it’s own site and brand so that this site can go back to an IT focused site.

The new brand is called TH3D Studio. You can check it out here: www.TH3DStudio.com

I will be leaving the existing articles up on here since there are many people that still use them. I have added redirects for most other links for downloads, products, the store, and other items on the 3D printing side to redirect to the new brand. All existing customers will need to re-register on the new site if you want to purchase additional products but your orders have been retained and moved to the new site so I can track warranty and other information.

Most importantly I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to the CR-10 Facebook Community for supporting me and giving me the encouragement to turn something that was a little hobby into a blossoming business. I hope that it keeps up to the point where I can do this full time in the near future. I want to keep bringing things that are usually limited to advanced users due to their complex nature and making them into products that even beginners can use. My focus is also on providing great service, documentation, and support to everyone (not just customers). I genuinely enjoy helping people out online with things that seem simple to me but can feel complex to them.

I also want to give a huge thank you to my fiancee Samantha who has been not only supportive but extremely helpful with getting things going and packing orders. I also want to thank my friends that have come over to help out when we need to get a bunch of kits completed.

All in all everything is going well and I am looking forward to what the future brings. I will still be doing IT things as this is my original and still one of my passions but 3D printing is here to stay in my life and I truly believe it is the future.


Timothy Hoogland

Update your Hisense H8 Series TV to support HDR – 50 & 55 Models

Update (11/1/2016): I am getting reports that the firmware *may* be officially available if you manually check for updates through the TV itself. I can’t confirm this as I already installed the firmware below on mine but try it out and let me know if they are pushing it out over the air.

With the current firmware the 50H8c and the 55H8C TVs do not support HDR10 playback. Below is the leaked firmware to enable full HDR10 support from all sources. This has been tested on both models and some H7 owners are reporting that it even enables HDR support on their sets as well. This firmware was obtained directly from HiSense support as of 10/4/2016.

I cannot confirm or endorse installing the firmware on ANY TV so this is at your own risk. 

Now that the “it’s not my fault if you brick your TV” disclaimer is out of the way here is how you get your TV updated.


  1. Download the appropriate firmware for your TV size
    1. 50H8C Firmware
      1. Direct Download – 50H8C
      2. OneDrive Mirror – 50H8C
    2. 55H8C Firmware
      1. Direct Download – 55H8C
      2. OneDrive Mirror – 55H8C
  2. Locate the file ‘upgrade_loader.pkg’. Copy and paste this file into an EMPTY FAT32 formatted USB Stick.
    1. Please ensure that NOTHING ELSE is on the USB, ONLY the ‘upgrade_loader.pkg’ file.
    2. The file must be named ‘upgrade_loader.pkg’. If it is not named that please rename the pkg file to ‘upgrade_loader.pkg’.
  3. Safely Eject the USB from your PC by right clicking on the USB (on your Desktop or in your My Computer) and selecting ‘Eject’, then unplug the USB from your PC.
  4. Turn OFF the Hisense TV.
  5. Plug the USB in to the TV’s top most USB port(located on the rear of the TV).
  6. Press and hold the POWER button on the Hisense TV Remote Control, once you see “Software updating…” appear on the screen you may RELEASE the power button.
  7. Please wait and let the Software Update process finish.
    1. The Software Update Process will complete without any further user interaction.
    2. The Process should take between 5-8 minutes.
    3. DO NOT turn OFF the TV during this process.
  8. When the update is complete, the “Software updating…” Screen will disappear and the TV will come up as it normally does.
  9. Remove the USB from the back of the TV.

And now your TV is updated!

[TTT] Updating and Tweaking a S905X Based Kodi/Android Box

UPDATE: I have confirmed that the firmware works on all variants of the T95X boxes.

Recently I purchased one of the Chinese made Kodi Android boxes. The particular model I picked up was from Amazon and was branded as the “Richino I9X”. After much digging and tinkering I discovered this was a re-badged Sunvell T95X. I was actually able to get the updated firmware loaded from Sunvell and this fixed a lot of little glitches and issues that were present on the one I purchased. They are also sold under the “Puersit” label as well as Sunvell and Richino.


When you get these boxes they will have a number of applications pre-loaded. I would recommend uninstalling them all and disabling any apps that you will not use. This will free up the background processes. Also note that while their hardware supports [email protected] output Netflix will NOT stream at 4K due to the lack of copy protection on the device, it will only be 1080p.

I am using mine with a USB keyboard so I downloaded an application that overrides the onscreen keyboard and allows you to change the key mappings. For example I mapped the physical “Enter” key to the Android “Enter” command so that I can press enter to search and/or execute commands like on a normal computer.

App Download: External Keyboard Helper Pro

Firmware Update

These boxes are all identical and you can tell by the housing and port layout that they have. The only thing you have to check (based on posts on numerous Android TV box forums) is that you flash the correct firmware based on the RAM and eMMC memory you have. The particular firmware I have posted here is for the 1GB of RAM and 8GB of eMMC storage variant. Now this may work on other variants but you can try at your own risk, but based on my experience with Android devices the memory shouldn’t matter and the flash should work.

Until you do this update you will have issues with the Play Store crashing as well as other typos in the system. After installing this update it will be on the OEM version of the software from Sunvell and will get their automatic firmware updates from their servers. The one that comes on the re-badged versions does NOT auto update and has numerous bugs.

August 2016 Sunvell T95X Firmware: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dmk1s0htwiuo4ed/firmware082016.zip?dl=0

If you want to install this firmware you must have a Micro SD card that is 2GB or larger and something to press the hidden recovery switch.

  1. Format the SD card as FAT (NOT FAT32). If you have a large card use this utility to format it at FAT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/43ohryu4el9odxc/guiformat.exe?dl=0
  2. Copy the contents of the firmware file posted above to the root of the MicroSD Card.
  3. Unplug the device and insert the MicroSD Card.
  4. Connect the device to HDMI.
  5. Carefully insert a long and small object into the av/headphone port, you will feel a button inside. A toothpick works very well for this.
  6. While holding the button down and the MicroSD card inserted plug the power into the device.
  7. Keep holding the button until you see the little Android Updating logo on the screen.
  8. The update will take between 5-10 minutes.

Here is a video of how to install the update once it is on the MicroSD card: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7s0lhysnd2ayb6/T95X%20SD%20card%20update.MOV?dl=0

That’s it! You are all updated.

Should you buy one?

All in all these boxes are under $35 on Amazon and if you want a small Kodi box for your TV this is it. If you pair it with a HD HomeRun tuner on your network you can ditch your cable boxes as well! If this sounds appealing pick one up.

What should you look for? 

  • You absolutely should get a minimum of the S905X CPU. There are others out there (specifically the S905) that are older and do not have the new processing features.
  • The Android version should be 6.0 or higher.
  • There are versions with clocks on the front, remote designs, external wifi antennas, and other designs. As long as it has the right CPU it doesn’t matter what one you get.
  • You will see there are different RAM and storage configurations. They are as follows: 1GB RAM+8GB Storage, 2GB RAM+8GB Storage, and 2GB RAM+16GB Storage. The S912 (higher end CPU) versions have up to 3GB of RAM on them, these are more expensive though.
  • There are also some with and without Gigabit ethernet. From my testing these devices cannot even max out a 100mbit connection so this shouldn’t be something you should worry about.
  • There are also some with 802.11AC Dual Band, 802.11N Dual Band, or 802.11N Single Band. Get the one that suits you best. I use ethernet so this was not important to me.

I would also highly recommend getting a keyboard/trackpad device as this will make it much easier to use. I put a link to the one I recommend below, the Logitech K400 is also a larger option that works.

Amazon Links:

Richino I9X – S905X CPU, 8GB Storage, 1GB RAM, 802.11N Single Band Wifi

Puersit I9X – S905X CPU, 8GB Storage, 1GB RAM, 802.11N Single Band Wifi

TICTID T12 – S912 CPU, 16GB Storage, 2GB RAM, 802.11AC Dual Band Wifi

Rii I8 Backlit Keyboard/Trackpad – USB 2.4ghz rechargeable keypad/mouse.

Logitech K400 Keyboard/Trackpad – USB 2.4ghz keypad/mouse.

Ransom-ware scammers targeting AU Office 365 and Outlook.com Users

There seems to be a group of people targeting people using the Outlook.com and Office 365 platform. They are sending spoofed messages that are appearing to be coming from Microsoft to people on these services that appear as invoices. When you open up the documents they run code in the background that lets your run-of-the-mill ransomware launch to encrypt your documents.

This is not a flaw in these systems, just people that are being clever to bypass the filtering and target uninformed users. This is a fairly standard practice but it is becoming widespread on these platforms, primarily in Austraila right now.

I took the quote from the original article below but do note that this is not what anyone or myself would call “zero-day”. It is a standard practice for scammers to send out these to people in hopes that they will open them. It is just that in this case, they are targeting users on these specific platforms right now. Any user with an email address can receive these emails.

The ideal thing is to make sure you have working backups BEFORE you need them. This means local backups AND offsite. I personally have a small file server that I backup to and I also use a Cloud Backup service as well to offsite my important data. If you need help getting some sort of backup plan in place for your home or business please contact myself or your local IT person.

Original Article: News.Com.AU

Discovered by leading cyber security company Check Point, the particularly vicious “Zero-day” malware has widely spread across Office 365 — including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other applications.


Security analyst Raymond Schippers said cyber criminals were catching unsuspecting victims by asking them to open an invoice sent by email.


“The email sent to Office 365 users via Outlook gives the appearance of an invoice in the form of an Office document,” he told news.com.au


“When they go to open it, a message will appear telling people the document was created with a previous version of the software, so they will need to click something to enable the content.


“Users should not click the message as it will open up the ransomware, which will collect all of their files before asking for a payment to get them unlocked.”



If you see this message, close the document immediately.
If you see this message, close the document immediately.

Mr Schippers said the cyber criminals would ask for a couple of hundred Australian dollars to be paid, but under no circumstances should people comply.


“We are advising users to close the document and delete the email if they have opened it,” he said.


“If the message has been clicked and the ransomware installed, people should restore their computers from an available backup.”


Of course, Mr Schippers said this should be the last case scenario and reminded people that prevention was the best protection.


“People should ensure they keep regular backups of their computers, which should be stored offline. They should install a variety of protections types and should be more wary of suspicious content.”

How to fix OBI 100 and OBI 110 Not Connecting to Google Voice

Why Isn’t My Google Voice Ringing?

This is what I was wondering earlier today when I noticed that calls were not ringing in and when I went to make a call I was greeted with an error message from the OBI100. After looking into it and logging into the OBI portal they wanted me to pay $10 for support to update the device to the latest firmware and setup my Google Voice again. I decided to look online and found that they had the firmware available publically and if you follow the steps below your service will start working again.

I think it is crazy that they want to charge you $10 for “priority support” just to do something that they offer for free on their site and support forums. I am willing to bet that some unsuspecting people have paid the fee and not realized that it can be fixed easily on their own.

This was broken because Google forced everyone to switch to OAUTH 2.0 and this broke the old Google Voice system that the older firmware used.

Step 1

Download this firmware for the OBI100/OBI110 and install it. If you do not know how to install the firmware please see below for instructions.


Then Reboot.

Step 2

In the OBITalk Portal, delete the device and set it up again as a new device.

Run through the Google Voice setup again and it will start working again!

NOTE – It may take 4-5 minutes for the OBI to get the new settings but just be patient.

How to Update the Firmware

If you don’t know how to install the firmware:

Dial * * * 1

It will give  you the IP Address:  192.168.XXX.XXX   (example )

In your browser, enter the IP Address as the URL.

User Name: admin
password: admin


On the left side, navigate to SYSTEM MANAGEMENT


At the top where it says “Firmware Update – Select file to update firmware [BROWSE] ….”

Click BROWSE and add the file.  Then click UPLOAD

OBI100/110 Update Screen
OBI100/110 Update Screen

Once it reboots its done.

Go back to Step 2 to continue.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this fix!