Looking to save money? Think twice about Jet.com.

I just wanted to put this out there since their customer service is only capable of telling you what they can’t do and then outright making up information.

I ordered a Vizio soundbar from Jet.com since there was a promotion and I was in the market for one for my bedroom. I ordered the Soundbar on 11/27/2016. I waited a few days to see if it had shipped and on 12/1/2016 when it still was “processing” I called them. I was informed that they were “trying to get a hold of the vendor (Dell) and they don’t have any information for me”. I said “OK” and they promised a call back within 24 hours, they never called. The delivery date that was quoted was 11/30-12/5, the order did not ship until the end of 12/5/2016.

After that I called daily until I told them to cancel the order. They then informed me that they could not cancel the order and there was nothing they could do. My only option was to just “wait it out” and return the item if it shipped. I called them on 12/5/2016 to further express my dissatisfaction with this order and that I did not want the item. Again they told me they couldn’t cancel it but their “system” will more than likely cancel it since it was taking so long.

On all the calls (which I have recordings of) I was told different times from different reps about how long it was until their system automatically voided out ordered that were not being shipped, it was anywhere from 7-10 days. This is nowhere to be found in their ToS either.

You can imagine my reaction when on 12/6/2016 that the item is now showing as shipped. So now I have to so through the hassle of getting this large item over to FedEx for a return and waiting an undisclosed amount of time for my refund.

That being said if you really don’t care about customer service and/or when your order ships then check out Jet.com. I will never buy anything from them and would gladly pay a few bucks more to get a product quickly to not have to deal with this again. I checked their ToS and there is nothing about order delays on them. I created Archive.IS links in case they decide to change them after I post this.

Shipping and Delivery TOS: http://archive.is/vfAt4

Returns TOS: http://archive.is/wifuL

Terms of Use: http://archive.is/G1AF3

Chinese IP Cameras – The next Trojan Horses? VimTag/BEW/Fujikam

I have been recently looking for a decent HD IP camera for keep an eye on things when I am away from home. I frequently buy items from SnagShout to review. They had this “BEW” brand camera for $52 so I figured I would give it a shot.

I bought the “BEW” 826-X 1080P IP camera and got it all setup. I started looking at the network traffic and it was sending all it’s video and audio to a server at that is located in China. When you go to that address it takes you to the “VimTag” website and you can see this “BEW” is a re-branded CP1 from their products. I located their US support at www.VimTag.US and called them asking why it’s sending the traffic there and if it can be disabled. They told me that it cannot and when I told them it was concerning they just hung up. For reference their number is 1-800-371-2929.

I left it connected and there were multiple connections going to and from the camera. I also noticed that it was scanning the network with PING requests. I have attached a WireShark Packet capture from start to finish of the setup of the camera. The network is my private LAN and the is the AP that I was running off my laptop, .1 being the laptop/GW.

I will also add that if you try to run a port scan on the camera it renders it completely DOA and will not restart. I did this using Zenmap on my PC and the camera is now DOA. The paranoid part of me suspects this is to prevent seeing what it’s doing and has open. The other part of me just chalks this up to poor firmware/software on the device.

That being said I just wanted to put a quick post out there in case someone else was thinking about getting these cameras. They also do NOT work with any standard IP cam applications or DVR software, this means no RTSP or ONVIF support.

Wireshark Capture:

Pictures of the camera I had:

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How to fix OBI 100 and OBI 110 Not Connecting to Google Voice

Why Isn’t My Google Voice Ringing?

This is what I was wondering earlier today when I noticed that calls were not ringing in and when I went to make a call I was greeted with an error message from the OBI100. After looking into it and logging into the OBI portal they wanted me to pay $10 for support to update the device to the latest firmware and setup my Google Voice again. I decided to look online and found that they had the firmware available publically and if you follow the steps below your service will start working again.

I think it is crazy that they want to charge you $10 for “priority support” just to do something that they offer for free on their site and support forums. I am willing to bet that some unsuspecting people have paid the fee and not realized that it can be fixed easily on their own.

This was broken because Google forced everyone to switch to OAUTH 2.0 and this broke the old Google Voice system that the older firmware used.

Step 1

Download this firmware for the OBI100/OBI110 and install it. If you do not know how to install the firmware please see below for instructions.


Then Reboot.

Step 2

In the OBITalk Portal, delete the device and set it up again as a new device.

Run through the Google Voice setup again and it will start working again!

NOTE – It may take 4-5 minutes for the OBI to get the new settings but just be patient.

How to Update the Firmware

If you don’t know how to install the firmware:

Dial * * * 1

It will give  you the IP Address:  192.168.XXX.XXX   (example )

In your browser, enter the IP Address as the URL.

User Name: admin
password: admin


On the left side, navigate to SYSTEM MANAGEMENT


At the top where it says “Firmware Update – Select file to update firmware [BROWSE] ….”

Click BROWSE and add the file.  Then click UPLOAD

OBI100/110 Update Screen
OBI100/110 Update Screen

Once it reboots its done.

Go back to Step 2 to continue.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this fix!

Dealing with Vendors and/or Service Providers

As someone that works in the information technology field I constantly have to work with vendors to get support on issues and the pattern is usually always the same. Call in, get low level tech support, request higher level support, they “will call you”, they never do, and then you get to play phone tag.

On the phone with AT&T

This pattern is almost the same with every company whether you are dealing with Dell or AT&T or RingCentral. Any large vendor and/or service provider will always have a bunch of hoops that you will have to jump through to get to speak to someone that actually knows what they are doing.

What you need to do is be persistent until you get someone (usually Level 3 or higher) that is not just reading a pre-determined set of sentences and checks, but someone that actually understands the product and/or service that the company provides. Until you do you will run the risk of prolonging and sometimes completely mis-diagnosing the issue. One major thing to do is get a hold of someone in the United States and not somewhere that is overseas. I have yet to find someone that is overseas that actually knows what they are talking about in terms of diagnosing and fixing an issue.

Hopefully this helps someone out. Just recently I had this happen to me and if I had gotten the guy I have now our issues and pains would have been much less than they are now. Until next time!

And Dell if you are listening – Since you bought SonicWall your tech support has become horrible and the people you are employing in the call centers do NOT have the know-how to fix even basic issues. Also fire the firmware team as they seem to break more than they fix.