Following up on Chinese Back Door Cameras – LeFun/BEW/VimTag/Fujikam/SkyGenius

UPDATE (10/25/2016): They are now being sold under the brand name “SkyGenius”. STAY AWAY. These are the same backdoored cameras as before. Theses are the kinds of cameras that were likely used in the DDOS attacks that took place last week. Link:

I just wanted to make a quick post that these camera companies are removing and deleting reviews on the Amazon pages that alert people to the behavior that I outlined in my previous post: Chinese IP Cameras – The next Trojan Horses? VimTag/BEW/Fujikam

ALL the reviews on the BEW version are gone and the ones I left on the VimTag ones are removed as well. In addition to that they are now being sold under the “LeFun” brand.

IRS Scam Calls – Recordings and Details

A few months ago when it was tax season I was getting calls almost every week from these scammers claiming to be from the IRS. They leave a very threatening voicemail if you do not pick up the call. Here is the transcript and a copy of the voicemail their call system left.

The numbers they have called me from are:

  • 202-864-1255
  • 202-599-9525
  • 202-864-1320
  • 202-864-1181
  • 202-241-6439
  • 202-506-9166
  • 202-370-7654
  • 202-657-6504
  • 240-342-3341
  • 415-251-3754
  • 803-335-2833
  • 860-281-7627
  • 972-619-4706
  • 202 378-4907
  • 228-357-9084
  • 717-816-4385
  • 208-269-8331
  • 619-924-0154
  • 562-902-5205
  • 904-563-2374
  • 844-395-7947
  • 813-262-0170
  • 202-297-1425
  • 251-581-4832
  • 305-587-2983
  • 786-650-0448
  • 646-564-9359
  • 509-233-4061
  • 202-864-0212
  • 206-823-3369
  • 213 289-3855
  • 559 650-0052
  • 202 831-1038
  • 702 582-4145
  • 206 973-3241
  • 346 204-8362
  • 254 433-5137
  • 202 864-1122

Voicemail Transcript

Voicemail Recording


Fear and Threat Tactics

I decided to call them back and record the calls when I could (my recorder app was having issues).

Every time I called they answered stating they were with some government agency and they all sounded Indian.

They then asked about if you have an attorney and read you from a script that threatens you with legal action and even sending police to your house.

Surprisingly they had my home address and read it to me as well as my name. It was a little creepy but that’s not hard to get, to be honest.

They told me various amounts that I owed after threatening me with police and legal action. I am going to assume that at some point if I hadn’t have pissed them off they would have given me info on how to do a wire transfer to them.

Call Recordings

Here are some actual call recordings and even one “call center agent” that was really honest. It actually made me a little sad hearing him to be honest.

Full Call – Many Threats They Hung Up

Full Scammer Call – Threats and Anger

Call Center Guy – “It’s Just Another Job”

Tips for dealing with IRS Scam Calls

— The criminals use fake names and IRS badge numbers and have often researched the background of their potential victim. They may, for example, know the last four digits of your Social Security number. Such information proves nothing.

— Scammers may also “spoof” the IRS toll-free number, making it seem to the victim as if the call is coming from the government.

— The callers may also fake background noise to make it seem as if the call is coming from a large-scale call center. It’s not.

— If you have questions about your taxes, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. IRS staffers can help. You can also fill out the “IRS Impersonation Scam” form at, or call the Treasury Department inspector general’s line at 1-800-366-4484. Anyone receiving a scam email can forward it to[email protected]. SCAM Alert – DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

I was looking for a new Power Supply for my main desktop when Google Shopping led me to a site called They were advertising a used Corsair AX1200i for $200 and their description was just the stock one from the Corsair website. I decided to give them a call to see if it came with the modular cables that come with the power supply when you purchase it new.


Here’s where it gets interesting

I called their number (866-694-1281) and a man with a middle eastern accent answered the phone and said this was George. I told him that I was wondering about the condition of the used power supplies (as in how USED were they – marks, dust, scratches, etc) and if they came with the modular cables.

He told me to open up a web browser and go to Google and type in “used” and read the definition. I was a bit taken back that he would say that, I proceeded by asking him where they were pulled from and if they had the modular cables. He just continued to be very rude and told me that if it’s not on the page it doesn’t have them. I explained that the power supply is a modular one and they need the cables in order for the unit to be able to be used.

I then asked about the same power supply, only new, since it was on the site and he gave me the same answer of “if it not on the page it doesn’t come with it” and to stop “trying to get something for free”. He then went on to tell me that “they didn’t need my business and that they do not want to sell anything to idiots like me”.

Now I wish I would have had my call recorder app installed but I did not when I was on the initial call with him, so I disconnected the call, installed the app, and called back. Their phone system is 100% for sure through RingCentral based on the opening greeting and the hold music, I have set up enough of these systems to know that.

Here is the clip from the 2nd call: 

He did mention in the 2nd call that they only do large quantity and $2500 or more for orders. There is no mention of this on the site until you go to check out and you get this popup:


They are running Google Shopping ads but on individual products. I decided to look up the number and found multiple sites that people are reporting the number as SPAM and that if you try to order from them they ONLY accept wire transfers. One reviewer said that they just took his money and never delivered anything. Also, it looks like they were connected with TriValley Recyclers as well based on the other feedback online and the documents that I found below on their site.

There was also this odd title on the page of their site that tipped me off as well: Riiight.

They also seem to have left quite a decent amount of somewhat sensitive documents in the open on their site. There are spelling mistakes and revisions trying to correct little errors on all the items. I have copied them and re-uploaded them to here in case they remove them. They were all obtained from here as there was a directory listing available at the time of download (the time this post was published). The “Credit-Apllication” PDF file requests a LOT of information, I guarantee you that they are gathering and using this information illegally when get actually trick someone into filling it out.

Misc Documents from their Web server (Source URL:

From the other links it looks like I am not the only person who has had issues with them:

Bottom Line is that Sierra Component is a SCAM. STAY AWAY. I wanted to get this info out there as I am sure someone else will stumble upon them and get scammed.

Dr. Crimmy’s EJuice “Lab” – Questionable Cleanliness and Other Information

Another update. Someone found the floor plan from the realtor who manages the building that Dr. Crimmy’s is in and they have a BATHROOM in their “clean room”. Mmmmm poop particles. They are in Suite 1 and you can verify that from the video and their address.

You can also see from the listing that the back of the building is the same from the “lab” photos below. You’re busted Dr. Crimmy’s.

Property Listing:
PDF of Listing:
PDF Mirror:

Dr. Crimmy's Suite Floor Plan

Update from “Matty Ice” who was the one who posted the photos. He even linked to my post. Thanks!

–Original Post Start–
Today on the Chicago Vape Nation page someone shared some photos that an ex-employee posted from their “lab”. You can see the flavorings, VG, PG, bottles, mailing boxes, and even their labels in these photos (posted below). They were initially claiming that they were NOT their photos but then released a video on Facebook (Source: Kevin Lynch (Owner of Crimmy’s) ). I have also attached the video to this post and a screenshot in case they pull it down.

Crimmys Lab Video From 09/23/2015

Facebook Screenshot Admitting to the Lab Photos
Facebook Screenshot Admitting to the Lab Photos

In the photos, you can see that it is a disgusting environment that they were making ejuice in. I myself started out making it in my kitchen on sterilized tables and used standard safety precautions for myself and the ejuice. This this is just deplorable. They have said on their FB video that this was their old location and this is no longer used.

I tried to join their Facebook group, but they are banning any new people that are trying to find out more information in order to keep things quiet. This is VERY concerning as they are clearly trying to cover something up. Even if they have a new “lab” like they are claiming my guess is that due to how tired this guy in the video looks (from cleaning the “lab” all night), the fact that he looks like he has no idea how to wear the safety gear, and they never enter any of the rooms where juice is made makes me question the legitimacy of this all.

That all being said, I will never recommend Dr. Crimmys to anyone and never purchase it again. I will stick with vendors that actually make liquid in sanitary environments whether that be at their homes using common sense or in a lab. If they were OK with the previous conditions of the place it makes you wonder how bad they will let the new one get.

This post is staying up as they are currently trying to get all the photos removed from other places. I will NOT remove these as the truth needs to be heard.

Dr. Crimmy’s “Lab” Photos (Source: Reddit)

Coinye West coin is 100% fraud from the get go.

Here’s their original announcement.

DROPPING JANUARY 7 2014. 7 PM PST. No screwed up fake “fair” launches, shyster devs, muted channels, and f**ked up wallets. We will be releasing password protected, encrypted archives containing the binaries and source for the wallet and daemon BEFORE LAUNCH, with the passwords to be released at the specified time. We will work with multiple pools to orchestrate a PROPER and FAIR release.

Now let’s see:

No screwed up fake “fair” launches

There were over 1.3 BILLION COYE premined. The wallet started out on block 2000+. 2000*666,666 per block = 1,333,332,000 COYE. Update: There were premined but only 759 blocks, which is still over 505 Million coins after a claim of ZERO.

shyster devs

Again, there were over 1.3 BILLION 505 Million COYE premined.

muted channels

#coinyecoin was muted all the time in between, especially when problems with pools came up.

and f**ked up wallets

No wallet at all till long after launch for non-pool owners.

We will be releasing password protected, encrypted archives containing the binaries and source for the wallet and daemon BEFORE LAUNCH, with the passwords to be released at the specified time.

Password was released way after the specified time.

We will work with multiple pools to orchestrate a PROPER and FAIR release.

The whole reason of the password protection was probably to delay pool owners, while their own private pool was up and running.

This has been posted all over the coinyewest sub-reddit and other places. This coin is completely done for and will never be worth anything. I myself have already switched all my mining power back to DOGE. I myself am going back to sleep to try and rid myself of this migraine that I woke up with.