STARTT Anti-Z Wobble Upgrade

This is what you want to print if you are having a “wobbly” Z axis due to bent leadscrews. Print 2 of these.

Just print these with 15-20% infill. Remove the leadscrew nut from the X idlers and put them on this instead. Then place these UNDER the X idlers. This will allow the leadscrews to move side to side without moving the X axis.

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STARTT Marlin SkyNet 2.3.2 Custom Port – EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY

This firmware is my PERSONAL build of the 2.3.2 version of SkyNet firmware. I am providing this as an example for those of you looking to load Skynet/Marlin on your STARTT or TronXY XY-100. The following changes were made:

  • Pin 27 re-mapped to ATX PSU Control – This goes to the LCD header on Pin A4 for PS_ON
    • You MUST break this wire out of the ribbon cable. You will see the LED on the board turn ON when the PSU is off and the led will be OFF when the PSU is on. If you do not use this feature set the PSU control to 0 instead of 1.
  • Build Area is set to 150mmX150mmX130mm with a 0 offset for X and Y
    • You will need to figure out your own offsets for your parcitular carriage and setup
  • Auto Bed Leveling is set to 35mm from the edge of my 150mm bed size
  • Printer Name is changed to HakSTARTT

Again this is provided AS-IS and I will not be responding to emails regarding it. Do NOT download this if you do not know what you are doing with the Marlin/SkyNet firmware.

If the download button is not working please use this link: