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At my job I get to work with all sorts of wireless technologies. We have been using Sonicwall SonicPoint access points at a lot of our clients and for the most part they are very solid. However we have had some issues with them dropping traffic and/or locking up. If you are having the same/similar issues try a few things.

  1. Check under SonicPoint > RF Analysis and see what your “RF Score” for the AP that is having issues is. If it is less than 6 look and see what channel is the least crowded and make note of it.
  2. Under SonicPoint > SonicPoints go to the edit properties for the AP you are troubleshooting. Go to the Radio (0 is 5ghz on NDR and 1 is 2.4ghz on NDR, Ne & Ni only have 1 radio that operates on either band).
  3. Change the band to “Standard – 20MHz Channel” and then select the channel that had the least interference in Step 1.
  4. Disable (uncheck) “Enable Short Guard Interval” and “Enable Aggregation”. Apply the settings. NOTE – If you have iPads and iPhones it is ALWAYS recommended to disable Aggregation as they do not adhere properly to the 802.11n standard and this will cause issues.

After you have made these changes you can also try adjusting the power from Full to Half, this has helped in the past with unruly APs probably due to heat. If you are still having issues with dropped traffic or disconnects then change the “Fragmentation Threshold” and “RTS Threshold” from 2346 to 2300 and keep going to a lower number until you find one that helps stabilize the connection. Be sure to set BOTH of them to the SAME number.

I hope this helps someone out. Send me any input and/or suggestions if you have them.

SonicPoint N Series