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Wansview NCB-541W

Wansview NCB-541W

So I recently purchased 2 Wansview NCB-541W IP cameras from Amazon. I knew they were going to require some tinkering but I was ok with that and welcomed the challenge. I am going to post a more detailed post but for now I wanted to share a few links for other users to update their firmware and also a FTP site that has their firmware on it.

I am not sure who owns or maintains this but there are tons of firmware and utilities on here that could prove to be useful. I am downloading the whole WansView folder right now and I will sort it out and post the files I found later.

FTP Site: everbest.ftpserver.biz/Share/Wansview

For the adventurous I flashed the Foscam FI8918W firmware and webUI on my Wansview cameras after I noticed that the firmware versions were very similar (21.37.2.x for WansView and 11.37.2.x for Foscam). The webUI firmware was completely different but worked. Here is the firmware for the FI8918W for firmware beginning in 21.37.2.x (Wansview) or 11.37.2.x (Foscam): Download

I would recommend the IP Cam utility for updating the firmware. You can download it here.

Foscam did send me links for another, older, firmware but I have not used those so I cannot vouch for its compatibility. Either way this is an “at your own risk” “ymmv” situation and I cannot be held liable if this bricks your cam. It worked on my 2 though.

Stay tuned for more details on this setup (DVR software, other tweaks, etc).