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As someone that works in the information technology field I constantly have to work with vendors to get support on issues and the pattern is usually always the same. Call in, get low level tech support, request higher level support, they “will call you”, they never do, and then you get to play phone tag.

On the phone with AT&T

This pattern is almost the same with every company whether you are dealing with Dell or AT&T or RingCentral. Any large vendor and/or service provider will always have a bunch of hoops that you will have to jump through to get to speak to someone that actually knows what they are doing.

What you need to do is be persistent until you get someone (usually Level 3 or higher) that is not just reading a pre-determined set of sentences and checks, but someone that actually understands the product and/or service that the company provides. Until you do you will run the risk of prolonging and sometimes completely mis-diagnosing the issue. One major thing to do is get a hold of someone in the United States and not somewhere that is overseas. I have yet to find someone that is overseas that actually knows what they are talking about in terms of diagnosing and fixing an issue.

Hopefully this helps someone out. Just recently I had this happen to me and if I had gotten the guy I have now our issues and pains would have been much less than they are now. Until next time!

And Dell if you are listening – Since you bought SonicWall your tech support has become horrible and the people you are employing in the call centers do NOT have the know-how to fix even basic issues. Also fire the firmware team as they seem to break more than they fix.