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As you have read I have switched my CryptoCurrency exchanges a bit. I was using Cryptsy until it became slow and deposits took forever to reflect. Then I switched to Coins-E and then they forked and cost me over 130,000 DOGE coins. Then I switched yet again to CoinedUp and today they completely went down and still are having issues. Now I have switched over to CoinEX.pw and I am going to see how they are. Long story short is that Cryptsy is OK but deposits are SLOW. Coins-E is just not on the ball and should not be trusted as they tend to fork. CoinedUp is good and free but it’s continually SLOW and down when there is a high demand. CoinEX.pw seems solid so far and I will update you if there are any issues. I also tried Vircurex but their site is horrible and not very intuitive.

In regards to my update on upcoming posts Coins-E still has never responded to any of my support emails (all 15 of them) or my tweets (all 20 of them). They cost me over 130,000 DOGE coins because of their neglegance. I will NEVER trust them again with my crypto coins.

As for CoinedUp they were doing OK until today when their site has been intermittent and caused me to miss out on trading during a peak of the DOGE trading. I cannot in good faith recommend them until they get things straightened out. In the mean time I am trying out CoinEX.pw and seeing how they go.