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As a lot of you who know me know I am very involved with the vaping community here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. I started a small eJuice company called H4KJUICE¬†back in July 2014 (I also build box mods under this name). I often get people that don’t understand why I love vaping so much. Is it to look cool? Is it because I constantly need something in my hands? Is it just another thing I am getting into only to stop in a few months? No.

Let me tell you the story of how I started vaping.

My ex-girlfriend used to be a smoker for a while and she would always try to sneak one in when we would go out with friends, especially at bars. I randomly decided to pickup a Blu disposable ecig from Walgreens to give to her to try and see if it helped with the cravings, it did. After that I purchased a starter kit from Adirondack Vapor for her since the refillable ones are cheaper in the long run (and create less waste). I have enjoyed Hookah for a while now and when it came in I decided to give it a try. I found that the flavors were much more delicious than Hookah and it was far less work.

After that I ended up getting my own setup (a kanger 1100 EGO battery and a mini protank 2). I started trying out ejuices and was immediately hooked. One of my friends added me to a Facebook group that was for vaping and they held meets every month. Through these meets I gained more experience and knowledge about the different kinds of equipment that people use to vape with. I went to Vape Bash this year and picked up my first dripper. I could go on for hours about all the different equipment that I had but I won’t.

The thing that keeps me in vaping is the community. I am in the ECR subreddit, I have a Facebook group for Chicagoland Vapers now, and I frequent all the local shops in the area. As with any group there are people that are not the best but I would have to wager that 90% or more of people in the vaping community are very nice and generous people. I have seen people give others hardware when they lost theirs in fires or they got stolen. I have seen many people help other vapers get jobs and even give them money when they are down on their luck. I myself give people ejuice all the time when they can’t afford it because I don’t want to see them go back to smoking. The vaping community as a whole across the world is more than just a hobby. It is about community and helping other people out. You can see this in most brick and mortar shops as well and it keeps people coming back.

In this short time I have met some of the nicest and genuine people through vaping and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you everyone. Vape on and keep being awesome. I am beyond grateful to have my vape family in my life.