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UPDATE (10/5/2015) – Any information that is NOT mine has been redacted from the post as I received a cease and desist letter from Herbert Law Firm for “defamation”. I will not be removing this post I will, however remove the officer’s identifying information. In addition to this I will be posting a follow up on this and contacting major news outlets regarding this strongarming that they are doing to me.

I am writing this post today so that my case can be out there in the open so everyone knows what the CPD could do when they are at fault in an accident.

Around 8PM on January 12th, 2015 I was heading east on Lake street going to make a right hand turn to go on to Hamlin going south. I have worked in the city for almost 4 years and I know to check to see if there are turn lanes that share with the bike lanes, there was NO turn lane to go right at this particular intersection (you can see here: Google Street View of Lake and Hamlin). I turn my signal on and proceed through the turn. I am well over halfway into the turn when out of nowhere I see a silver Crown Vic coming fast towards my passenger side. I swerve to lessen the blow but he still hits me. We pull over facing south bound on Hamlin and size up the accident.

The officer that was driving according to the Illinois Traffic Crash Report was Officer REDACTED. There were 2 other officers in the CPD car and I had 2 of my friends in the car with me at the time of the accident.

I had my 2 friends stay in the car and I got out with my ID, registration, and insurance info in hand. All 3 of the officers got out of the car and you can tell that he realized that he was wrong. REDACTED tried to say that he was turning from a turn lane and then I told him that it was NOT and we BOTH walked to the intersection and he saw that I was correct. He then started going on about how “The city has these streets all messed up and it’s hard to keep them all straight”. What he really meant to say was that he wasn’t paying attention and that is why he hit me.

He called his sergeant and the sergeant said it was going to be over an hour for the accident people to get here so we could just drive to the station to fill out the paperwork, and that is what we did. We filled it out and everyone was calm and polite to one another. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal until I get a letter from State Farm stating that they were not able to recover any money from the city and that I am NOT at fault for the accident.

Now 2 weeks before I got the letter from State Farm I received a demand letter from Chicago stating that I owe $565.70 for the repairs to their car. I called the number on the letter and directed them to State Farm since they were handling this case. Everything was quiet until I open my mail last night and there was a debt collection letter from the city’s lawyers informing me that I am being put to collections. I again call State Farm and send them over a copy of the document, they said they will handle it.

Why am I putting this all out there? Because I have been constantly wasting time dealing with this when I shouldn’t have to. On top of that because the officer that was driving LIED, by lied I mean he drew a lane that was NOT a car lane, on the report I am out my $500 deductible and state farm is out over $2200 in repairs for my car. I do currently have an investigation open with the CPD Internal Affairs department so hopefully this goes somewhere. I want my money back and this officer punished for what he’s doing.

I will be blasting this information everywhere I can and filing complaints however I can until this gets somewhere. The end goal here? I want my money back and the officer punished for writing false information on the report.

Here is the diagram of what happened. You can see it matches up with the pictures below of the accident and the Google Streetview of the intersection. I also included the diagram that the officer submitted on his report that shows a 2 lane road going each way when it was 2 lanes, but only 1 going each way. Also I never even received a ticket so how am I in the wrong here?

My Diagram from the Report I filed:


CPD Diagram from Report:



Pictures from that night of the Accident: