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On September 23rd, 2015 I put up a post about Dr. Crimmy’s lab and the pictures that leaked showing it’s horrible conditions that they were making juice in. In addition to that there was also information regarding them lying out their teeth to try and cover things up.

I am a man of principles and what they are doing goes against my principles. If you make a mistake own up to it instead of covering it up. This is why I got involved with exposing this information. I care a lot about the vaping community and companies/people like Crimmys/Kevin Lynch are toxic to it. People/companies like these only give the FDA more ammunition to ban vape products because of situations like this. Dr. Crimmy’s needs to go out of business.

Dr. Crimmys (Kevin Lynch) also did a live show on Vapers.TV with the Vapers.TV people and the Convicted Vapes people that were the ones that were making the information about the lab known. The end result of that live show was just more lies, attempted coverups, and them not keeping their stories straight.

Fast forward to today I have found out that now they have brought a lawsuit against the guy (Tony Hart) that took the photos and sent them to a friend. On top of that they are also not paying their graphics person for the artwork that he did for them. The lawsuit reference ID isĀ 15CV-2278. I will post it once I get a better copy. The one I have is really low quality.

Anyways I am going to keep this short and sweet. Attached to this post are the Facebook messages that had the photos in them, the email between the graphics designer and Kevin Lynch, and a link to the Live Stream video recording. I am just putting this out there because I have had multiple people ask me to be their voice.

Bottom line is that Kevin Lynch and his company, Dr. Crimmys, are bad news and I would HIGHLY recommend against getting any of their products.

Vapers.TV Live Show Recording:

Facebook Messages where the Lab photos originated from:

Dr. Drimmys NDA:

Email between Kevin Lynch and the Graphics Designer: