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I am announcing that I will be regularly doing tech reviews (I am calling it Tim’s Tech Tips or TTT for short) on all kinds of items. This includes but not limited to switches, routers, smartphones, access points, smart watches, computer components, monitors, etc. My goal is to post at least one review a week. I will eventually move to video reviews when I have the time but for now, they will reside here as traditional text reviews.

Being in the IT industry, I tend to work with everything from low-end to high-end equipment and most of the time you cannot find reliable reviews on the equipment. My goal here is to give an honest review on the hardware that my clients and myself personally review. If a company does provide me a sample for review purposes I will be sure to disclose that. However, being a man of integrity and morals I will give them an HONEST review and the fact that I received it for that purpose will not change a thing.

I have a few lower end/SOHO items, Sophos UTM series firewalls, UniFi Access Points, and Droid Turbo 2 that I am working on reviews for right now. Be sure to subscribe to the site via email on the sidebar or just follow my facebook page (located at the bottom of the site).

Along with product reviews, I will be writing articles to resolve issues with hardware and software. I have posted a few fixes for numerous SOHO and enterprise products and even though they are a few years old now they still get about 30-40 hits a day. As an IT professional that learned on the job I know how valuable internet resources can be when you are trying to resolve an odd issue you are having with a piece of hardware or software you have. I have one in the works right now for the NetGear R7000 router that I have at home for my main AP that I am doing a write up on to correct wireless connection issues I was having.

I got this inspiration from Linux tech tips but there are a lot of things he does that are NOT recommended for an actual production environment (like their weird RAID setup on their server that failed). I have years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining actual corporate networks that range in size from simple single site installations to multi-site and multi-state sites. I have clients that have deep pockets and some that don’t. Having this experience allows me to put together solutions that fit the budget and get the best solution for the client.Don’t get me wrong about Linus though. He is a cool guy and has cool reviews but he is more geared towards the PC enthusiast/gamer versus the enterprise IT person.

Don’t get me wrong about Linus though. He is a cool guy and has cool reviews but he is more geared towards the PC enthusiast/gamer versus the enterprise IT person, this is where I plan to fall into place. I will specify recommended capacities and what kinds of applications I would recommend the item being reviewed for so that you can make sure you are getting something that is going to work for your application.

In addition, to providing more frequent and high-quality reviews and content, I have added Google AdSense ads to the site in places that do not intrude on the experience. I have done this to try and get the site to a point where I can take some time away from my normal duties to work on reviewing, acquiring, and testing equipment that is beneficial for people.

Thank you, everyone, for following my blog for as long as they have. We get about 200-250 unique hits every day already. I plan on growing the site and content. If the Tim’s Tech Tips takes off I will break it off to a separate domain and make it a regular thing. If you have any products that you want to see on here or are having a weird issue with a piece of hardware or software drop me a line via the contact form or email me at [email protected].