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A few months ago when it was tax season I was getting calls almost every week from these scammers claiming to be from the IRS. They leave a very threatening voicemail if you do not pick up the call. Here is the transcript and a copy of the voicemail their call system left.

The numbers they have called me from are:

  • 202-864-1255
  • 202-599-9525
  • 202-864-1320
  • 202-864-1181
  • 202-241-6439
  • 202-506-9166
  • 202-370-7654
  • 202-657-6504
  • 240-342-3341
  • 415-251-3754
  • 803-335-2833
  • 860-281-7627
  • 972-619-4706
  • 202 378-4907
  • 228-357-9084
  • 717-816-4385
  • 208-269-8331
  • 619-924-0154
  • 562-902-5205
  • 904-563-2374
  • 844-395-7947
  • 813-262-0170
  • 202-297-1425
  • 251-581-4832
  • 305-587-2983
  • 786-650-0448
  • 646-564-9359
  • 509-233-4061
  • 202-864-0212
  • 206-823-3369
  • 213 289-3855
  • 559 650-0052
  • 202 831-1038
  • 702 582-4145
  • 206 973-3241
  • 346 204-8362
  • 254 433-5137
  • 202 864-1122

Voicemail Transcript

Voicemail Recording


Fear and Threat Tactics

I decided to call them back and record the calls when I could (my recorder app was having issues).

Every time I called they answered stating they were with some government agency and they all sounded Indian.

They then asked about if you have an attorney and read you from a script that threatens you with legal action and even sending police to your house.

Surprisingly they had my home address and read it to me as well as my name. It was a little creepy but that’s not hard to get, to be honest.

They told me various amounts that I owed after threatening me with police and legal action. I am going to assume that at some point if I hadn’t have pissed them off they would have given me info on how to do a wire transfer to them.

Call Recordings

Here are some actual call recordings and even one “call center agent” that was really honest. It actually made me a little sad hearing him to be honest.

Full Call – Many Threats They Hung Up

Full Scammer Call – Threats and Anger

Call Center Guy – “It’s Just Another Job”

Tips for dealing with IRS Scam Calls

— The criminals use fake names and IRS badge numbers and have often researched the background of their potential victim. They may, for example, know the last four digits of your Social Security number. Such information proves nothing.

— Scammers may also “spoof” the IRS toll-free number, making it seem to the victim as if the call is coming from the government.

— The callers may also fake background noise to make it seem as if the call is coming from a large-scale call center. It’s not.

— If you have questions about your taxes, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. IRS staffers can help. You can also fill out the “IRS Impersonation Scam” form at tigta.gov, or call the Treasury Department inspector general’s line at 1-800-366-4484. Anyone receiving a scam email can forward it to[email protected].