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I was looking for a new Power Supply for my main desktop when Google Shopping led me to a site called SierraComponent.com. They were advertising a used Corsair AX1200i for $200 and their description was just the stock one from the Corsair website. I decided to give them a call to see if it came with the modular cables that come with the power supply when you purchase it new.


Here’s where it gets interesting

I called their number (866-694-1281) and a man with a middle eastern accent answered the phone and said this was George. I told him that I was wondering about the condition of the used power supplies (as in how USED were they – marks, dust, scratches, etc) and if they came with the modular cables.

He told me to open up a web browser and go to Google and type in “used” and read the definition. I was a bit taken back that he would say that, I proceeded by asking him where they were pulled from and if they had the modular cables. He just continued to be very rude and told me that if it’s not on the page it doesn’t have them. I explained that the power supply is a modular one and they need the cables in order for the unit to be able to be used.

I then asked about the same power supply, only new, since it was on the site and he gave me the same answer of “if it not on the page it doesn’t come with it” and to stop “trying to get something for free”. He then went on to tell me that “they didn’t need my business and that they do not want to sell anything to idiots like me”.

Now I wish I would have had my call recorder app installed but I did not when I was on the initial call with him, so I disconnected the call, installed the app, and called back. Their phone system is 100% for sure through RingCentral based on the opening greeting and the hold music, I have set up enough of these systems to know that.

Here is the clip from the 2nd call: 

He did mention in the 2nd call that they only do large quantity and $2500 or more for orders. There is no mention of this on the site until you go to check out and you get this popup:


They are running Google Shopping ads but on individual products. I decided to look up the number and found multiple sites that people are reporting the number as SPAM and that if you try to order from them they ONLY accept wire transfers. One reviewer said that they just took his money and never delivered anything. Also, it looks like they were connected with TriValley Recyclers as well based on the other feedback online and the documents that I found below on their site.

There was also this odd title on the page of their site that tipped me off as well: Riiight.

They also seem to have left quite a decent amount of somewhat sensitive documents in the open on their site. There are spelling mistakes and revisions trying to correct little errors on all the items. I have copied them and re-uploaded them to here in case they remove them. They were all obtained from here as there was a directory listing available at the time of download (the time this post was published). The “Credit-Apllication” PDF file requests a LOT of information, I guarantee you that they are gathering and using this information illegally when get actually trick someone into filling it out.

Misc Documents from their Web server (Source URL: https://www.sierracomponent.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/):

From the other links it looks like I am not the only person who has had issues with them:

Bottom Line is that Sierra Component is a SCAM. STAY AWAY. I wanted to get this info out there as I am sure someone else will stumble upon them and get scammed.