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There are many reasons why I am disgusted by the current state of our government but one that is hitting me the hardest is all these new regulations on the vaping industry. Why? Because I am involved with the vaping industry and have seen many close friends quit tobacco through it successfully after other methods failed.

The new regulations that are in effect are so strict that a vape shop cannot even help customers with their devices in any way or else face steep fines. They cannot tell anyone that it is safer than smoking (despite there being actual medical studies showing it is safer than smoking). They cannot recommend flavors or proper nicotine levels to help people quit their smoking habit.

Want to see what this is doing? Just watch this video: https://www.facebook.com/MommaVape/videos/vb.1606220196312192/1743170175950526/?type=2&theater

Eliquid makers are being hit hard with PMTA filing fees for each product that will cost over $500,000 PER filing that *might* get approved. If they do not they will have to pull their products off the market and close their businesses.

Thousands of jobs are disappearing as shops, online stores, and ejuice makers are closing their doors because they have no other choice. Millions more people are going to die from Tobacco use that could have been prevented by switching to vaping.

America needs to get their head out of their asses and realize that all the “danger” that is being spread about vaping is just propaganda that the mass media and the FDA are spreading. Chicago has even managed to “find” millions of dollars to launch an all out billboard and ad campaign against vaping (see the image at the top of this post).

Why would they do this?

They take every angle to try and make this industry seem evil, including the classic “think of the children” bullshit that has been use to push through other unfair and unconstitutional legislation in the past. If you are that worried about your kids smoking or vaping then talk to them and be a better parent. It is not MY problem if you don’t know how to raise your children properly.

Big tobacco is NOT vaping. Vaping is thousands of small businesses that are trying to provide a living for themselves and provide a safer alternative to smoking. Vaping IS a safer alternative (source) to smoking. They just want to keep you hooked and dying.