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I have been recently looking for a decent HD IP camera for keep an eye on things when I am away from home. I frequently buy items from SnagShout to review. They had this “BEW” brand camera for $52 so I figured I would give it a shot.

I bought the “BEW” 826-X 1080P IP camera and got it all setup. I started looking at the network traffic and it was sending all it’s video and audio to a server at that is located in China. When you go to that address it takes you to the “VimTag” website and you can see this “BEW” is a re-branded CP1 from their products. I located their US support at www.VimTag.US and called them asking why it’s sending the traffic there and if it can be disabled. They told me that it cannot and when I told them it was concerning they just hung up. For reference their number isĀ 1-800-371-2929.

I left it connected and there were multiple connections going to and from the camera. I also noticed that it was scanning the network with PING requests. I have attached a WireShark Packet capture from start to finish of the setup of the camera. The network is my private LAN and the is the AP that I was running off my laptop, .1 being the laptop/GW.

I will also add that if you try to run a port scan on the camera it renders it completely DOA and will not restart. I did this using Zenmap on my PC and the camera is now DOA. The paranoid part of me suspects this is to prevent seeing what it’s doing and has open. The other part of me just chalks this up to poor firmware/software on the device.

That being said I just wanted to put a quick post out there in case someone else was thinking about getting these cameras. They also do NOT work with any standard IP cam applications or DVR software, this means no RTSP or ONVIF support.

Wireshark Capture:

Pictures of the camera I had: