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Recently I picked up the MSI Dominator Pro GT62VR laptop for myself. I always like to have spare adapters to leave at home and at the office so I don’t have to be moving one between every location. The MSI uses a female 4 pin “DIN” (Kycon) style connector and finding adapters is not as easy as other laptops I have owned. I wanted to share these details with someone else that may be looking for another adapter as well. There are overlapping adapters out there from Clevo and Sager that also work with this laptop. The 3 main OEM companies that make the 230W 19.5V 11A+ adapters are Delta, Chicony, and FSP. The FSP will work even though it is labeled as a 220W adapter where as the others are 230W the amperage is still the same as the 230W branded adapters. Here are the part numbers and pictures of the actual adapters are below.

  • Delta – ADP-230EB T
  • Chicony – A12-230P1A
  • FSP – FSP22-ABAN1


Those model numbers are for the actual packs and the connector on the end to the laptop can vary. You need to make sure you have the 4 pin FEMALE connector on the end with the positive connection on the pins that are furthest apart (see pic below). I managed to pick up adapters for under $50 each by searching eBay and Amazon. I ideally would like to find the raw end so I can put it on any adapter but I have yet to find them. From what I gathered the technical/brand name of the connector is a “Kycon” connector but you will see them called “Mini DIN” connectors on some websites.

4-Pin Connector Info

I hope this has helped someone as it was a pain for me. Here are some models that you can search for that should have the same plug. Make sure you verify that the plug is the same style and polarity as pictured above. Crossover compatible models: Sager/Clevo NP9170 NP8170 P170EM P170HM P370EM X7200 P377 375SM