A few weeks ago I went to use my SnapChat account and found that it was not logged in anymore. No big deal right? I went to log back in and the account is now magically disabled. I went through the account unlock process and it still will not let me log in. I said forget it and just uninstalled the application and moved on with my life.

Today my Facebook account was put in a locked state after I was posting a link to some firmware for the Anet A8 printer in a Facebook group that I help run. I try to submit the account verification with my ID and their page that is used to submit this information is broken.

That leads me to this post. What do you do when a platform that you use to communicate and network with friends locks you out without being able to re-instate the account? With regards to Facebook you post pictures and create memories for your friends and family. I also use Facebook to share posts from this website on the page for it as well. I have multiple people that I exclusively talk to through Facebook Messenger and I realized that I do not have any other way to contact them.

It has made me realize that you shouldn’t centralize your communications through one platform, especially Facebook. I have no way to contact these people that I talk to daily or a way to share these posts on the page for this website since the account is disabled. All my photos and posts are gone. All the guides and help that I have posted in the Anet printer groups are gone. Hours upon hours of work and months of memories are gone because their system decided to flag my account. I really wish I could completely get rid of Facebook but a lot of my friends refuse to switch to Signal which is one of the few platforms that I actually trust.

In addition to this for all I know is that my account could have been reported for saying something that “offended” someone else. Facebook has implemented rules in their TOS that forbid “hate speech” which is nothing that is set in stone and completely based emotional parameters. I completely blew away my profile in late 2016 after all the fallout from the last election. I now have to sensor myself as a conservative person with what I post because I know that if something gets reported enough for being “Offensive” then my account will be removed. There is no free speech on Facebook for conservatives, only if you are a liberal can you actually speak your mind without worrying about being censored. This is WRONG but what Facebook has devolved into.

Just think twice about hitting that “Sign in with Facebook” button when registering with a website. I stopped doing this after my account was flagged in January this year and was inaccessible for over 4 days. Make sure you have multiple ways to contact the people you talk with because like me I am completely cut off from almost a dozen people that I talk to on a daily basis. I will be making another account just to have separate for my site postings in case this happens again.

In all honesty if they outright delete the account and it is not able to be used anymore I will not be making a personal account again with them, business only for sharing posts from this website.