Update from 8/6/2020: After much back and forth with TrendNET support and 3 separate inquiries they finally replaced the adapter. The new one is “working” but continues to overheat and shut down now after 1 hour. These things need some kind of cooling fan. I’ve just tossed it in my parts bin for a last resort part and replaced it with an internal Sonnett 10GB card that is about the same price. Stay away from these adapters. They run too hot and are unreliable.

Sometimes when I am looking for a product, I will read the reviews, and being someone that knows people leave negative reviews because of their ignorance, I will scroll past the negative ones. That is what I did for this product, BUT it ended up being that people were right about this network adapter, it overheats. When this little adapter worked it was great and I would get about 350-400MB/s throughput from it.

I purchased this little adapter for a decent chunk of cash ($110) and used it on my desktop to get quicker speeds from my desktop to my server that also has a 5G network link on it. I even ran a separate line just for this to get to my core multi-gig switch. Today my network connection went down, and the network card itself completely disappeared from my system. I went to re-connect it, and the unit was almost too hot to handle without discomfort.

Doing some troubleshooting, I replugged it and rebooted the PC, nothing. No biggie, I thought, I have a few USB-C ports on the machine, so I moved it around to different ports, and it would not come back up no matter the port. I plugged it into my Lenovo Laptop with the same result. I also happened to have a USB A to USB C adapter cable and tried that, still no-dice.

Many reviews mentioned that this unit overheats and shuts off but I never had an issue until today. However, today it completely stopped working. Even after letting it sit for an hour to cool down it still will not come back to life.

You can see the bubbles under the label from it running hot for months…

I called TRENDnet support, and they were not helpful. They ran me through all the same troubleshooting steps I already did and said that it has to be my PCs. Sorry TRENDnet “support” but it’s dead. It’s not registering on 2 laptops and 2 desktops so I think its safe to assume that it kicked the bucket, likely due to poor thermal design given the bubbles under the label from the heat.

I then go to leave a review on Amazon after the poor tech support experience and it looks like Amazon is blocking reviews on this product, which (in my experience) usually happens when a product has a large influx of reviews that are negative. I checked to make sure it wasn’t my account and I was able to review other products that were purchased on the account.

Amazon blocking reviews on these network cards…
Proof of Purchase. Note the date of 2/15/2020. Barely 4 months of usage.

I’ve opened up a support ticket with them so hopefully, they will replace it. They state a 2-year warranty and considering this was bought in February of 2020 I am well within that period. If this was a cheap $20 adapter I would just toss it in the bin and move on. But considering this was over $100 and only lasted 4 months I will be trying to get this replaced. If I do get a replacement it will just go in the spare parts bin or sold on eBay. I’ll be shopping for a proper PCI Express network card or see if I can find a better-designed Thunderbolt type one.

Anyone else use this particular card and have issues with it overheating? I would love to hear from you.

Update (6/27/20): Their tech ticket department got back to me but it was just to direct me to another part of their website to submit the request again for an RMA approval. Kind of annoyed but I filled it out so now we wait.