UPDATE 9/29/2020: The BLM website has now removed their “What we believe” page to try and cover up their actual goal. Do not be fooled. They are just trying to cover this up so they can get more people on board with their (now) hidden agenda. This is why I have archive links on here. Just because this page is not there anymore does not mean that they do not believe this utter nonsense anymore.

Video from Anthony Brian Logan on the page removal

I’ve been silent about this for a while now. People say that “silence is acceptance” so I am speaking up. I am not here to change your mind. I am just putting my thoughts out there on this matter. I encourage you do to your own research and come to your own conclusions.

The “cool” thing right now is to show everyone how “woke” you are by putting hashtags and overlays on your profile pictures so everyone knows how virtuous you are. The reality is that the group that calls itself “Black Lives Matter” is not a group about equality, peace, and love. I am sure there are people who associate or support this group who have good intentions but the actions of the group and silence on certain things that don’t fit their agenda show their true colors.

People have harassed me and my work because I refused to bend the knee to the mob. If I believe in something I will support it. But due to the things mentioned in this post, that goes against my core beliefs, I cannot endorse or support the group that calls itself “Black Lives Matter”. I also will never use my work to push any agenda, period.

Personally, I believe in treating people equally regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. You do not have to support this hate group that calls itself “Black Lives Matter” to be a good person or not be a racist. The only thing someone should be judged on is the content of their character. If people want to label you a “racist” because you have a different opinion then them it’s because they have their own internal conflict that they need to deal with.

Looking at their beliefs

To make sure I actually understand what this hate group stands for I spent time reading their own information on their website. If you are someone who supports them I strongly recommend you read their doctrine. If you want to read what they stand for you can see their “What We Believe” and “About” pages below. Before you continue with this post I strongly recommend you read them in their entirety.

“What We Believe”
Direct Link to their Website
Archive Link (Snapshot from 8/19/2020)

Direct Link to their Website
Archive Link (Snapshot from 8/19/2020)

Now that we have established and you’ve read their own words (you did right?) lets go through it and I will tell you where I do not agree with them and the issues I see with the group.

Lets start with the “What We Believe” page. The page opens with how they started out and a general message about stuff that sounds great on the start. I believe that people (regardless of race, gender, political views, etc) all should be afforded the same opportunities as anyone else. Like Martin Luther King believed, I believe that people should only be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Moving down the page they talk about different situations they were involved with and what came out of it as a result of their efforts. There is a lot of talk about peace, growth through struggles, and love. Sounds good so far!

Where it starts falling apart is they are directly stating that they “do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women”. This statement makes it clear that they have a problem with straight people (of all races). This in itself is discrimination. This is not judging people on their character but discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation.

They go on to talk about how “We dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work “double shifts””. They don’t elaborate on this but based on context it comes across to me that they have a problem with people who want to be stay at home mothers.

The next section is them explicitly calling out for the destruction and disruption of “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”. This means they do not want families where there are 2 parents and children to exist. I personally think (and there are many studies on this) that in order to raise children that have the best outcomes in life that you need to have 2 parents. Having a broken family or being a single parent puts your children at a significant disadvantage in life. If you look at the statistics of how many black children are born into single-parent households versus other races (Asian, white, Hispanic) you will see that the numbers show they are much higher than other races. This one point alone is why I cannot support this group as it goes against my core beliefs. I firmly believe in the importance of a stable and complete “nuclear family”. I will not support a group that is actively trying to dismantle something that has been shown to provide children with a much better future, regardless of what race they are.

The rest of their belief page talks about cultural, “queer-affirming”, and ageism type things. Which I agree with. I don’t think anyone should be discriminated based on their age, culture, or sexual orientation. One of the reasons I cannot identify solely as a “republican” is because I don’t want to push my choice of being straight on other people. If someone wants to be gay, straight, trans, bi, or whatever they should be able to do so, just do not push your beliefs on others. The same can be said about other beliefs, but we’ll leave it at that for now.

Now that we’re done with the “What We Believe” page we move to their “About” page.

They open with a re-cap of how they got started and that they are a “global organization”.

They state that their mission is to “eradicate white supremacy”. Good. I think that actual white supremacists are terrible people and should be punished for their actions of actual racism against people. I also think that they are making it seem like all white people are evil because they believe that white people are bad. Based on the actions of members of the group it comes off like they want to make “black supremacy” the norm now. Everyone should be treated as equals and only judged on their character. If you start trying to hold other people above others based on their skin color, this is racism.

Moving down the page they talk about being inclusive and “spacious”. Inclusivity is a good thing. I can agree on that. People should not be pushed away unless they have bad character. I do find it interesting that they mention that “narrow nationalism” is prevalent in black communities. Is this a problem in the communities where they exclude people based on race and/or sexual orientation? I don’t know but would love to learn more about it.

They then talk about whose lives they affirm. Here is where they lose me again. They specifically mention “undocumented folks”. I do not support illegal immigration. If you want to come to any country then you need to follow their laws. If you come to a country illegally then you are a criminal and the law should be applied to you regardless of your feelings. I know it is hard to legally come to countries and there is always room for improvement there. This does not allow you to decide that you will not follow the laws because you don’t feel like it.

That’s all I wanted to cover on their pages, so lets move on to my closing thoughts.

Closing Thoughts

You have a group that, on the surface, tries to market itself only as trying to fight for black people. This all sounds good on the surface but they have other motives. They want to destroy families, support illegal immigration, and their “protests” turn into mobs of people who cause death and destruction in their wake.

What I want to see is them actually talking about and posting about the black on black violence that results in more deaths per capita than any other category out there. If “black lives matter” why is there no push (from the BLM group) to try and fix these communities where black people are killing each other and innocent bystanders (who are commonly black children). It appears that the reason they do not cover these issues is that the sheer numbers of how many black people kill each other in their own communities overshadow the small amount who are actually wrongfully killed by law enforcement. Doing so would force them to acknowledge that there is a problem in their communities that needs to be addressed so it can be fixed.

Many times people have called out Trump and other Republican leaders for “not condemning” hate groups like the KKK or other white supremacy groups. The fact is that (Trump anyways) has directly condemned them. Why is it that when you go to the news page on the BLM website there is nothing condemning the death and destruction from the “peaceful protests”. I have a problem with this. If they want to play the “silence is acceptance” card for others then they need to hold themselves to the same standards. Not talking about the destruction/deaths from the “protests” or even talking about the black on black violence in their own communities makes it appear like they do not want to address it because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

During all this, I’ve had people online directly call the company that I work for “racist” because we’re not using the latest black lives matter trend as a way to get in on the “woke” marketing. The reality is that I will not use any kind of tragedy as a marketing stunt like many companies are doing these days. We also had people calling for a boycott on twitter because we didn’t have any “people of color” or black people on our staff. We hire people based on their character and their ability to do the work, period. We do not discriminate against people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. All I care about is having good people who can do work well. Also, making decisions about hiring someone over another based on the color of their skin is literally racism (even if you are favoring someone who isn’t white).

I know there are others that feel the same way I do about this group. I want you to not be quiet because you are scared of these people attacking you or your business. There will be no change if people never speak up. I am all for and practice equality for ALL people in my life. If you judge anyone, do it based only on their character.

Why did I write this?

I wrote this post to get this off my chest. I was tired of holding it in while I watch cities burn and innocent people dying. I know that people will take issue with it but that is on them, not me. People need to treat each other better and this is something I am always working on (especially right now).