I want to start by saying that I do NOT condone the events that happened at the Capitol riots.

Every rioter who violated the law should be held accountable for their actions, as all rioters everywhere should be.

I will try to keep this in some what of an order but there is a lot to unpack. I write these posts because it helps get my thoughts in order and process them. I’m going to break it out into sections to help keep each part on topic and organized.

Rioting is “ok” if its a liberal cause

Here are a few important points about both the Capitol and BLM riots:

BLM Riots

  • Lasted 7 months
  • Condemned by Republicans
  • Encouraged by media and politicians
  • Police force used
  • More than 23 people shot dead
  • 700 officers injured
  • More than 150 federal buildings damaged
  • Hundreds of small businesses destroyed
  • MSM calling it “mostly peaceful”

Capitol Riot

  • Lasted several hours
  • Condemned by Republicans and Democrats
  • Only encouraged by radicals
  • Police force used
  • 1 person shot dead
  • 3 others dead from other causes
  • 1 officer dead
  • 14 officers injured
  • One federal building damaged
  • No small businesses destroyed
  • Compared (by Democrats) to “Pearl Harbor

Through most of 2020, we watched as mobs of people looted, burned, and killed in cities across the United States in the name of the “Black Lives Matter” group. There are many pictures and videos of cities on fire from news sources, like CNN, with captions on them calling the events “mostly peaceful.” Fast forward to the Capitol riot, and some are painting it as extreme as “Pearl Harbor.” It is clear that if the people involved with rioting are from the liberal camp of people, they will get support from the mainstream media and even elected Democrats encouraging them to keep doing it and not condoning the violence. The hypocrisy from the liberal media sources and elected officials is astounding.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are actively removing videos and posts to cover up how it was at the Capitol. They do not want you to see what happened. I have seen many of these videos, and in many of them, you can see the Capitol Police waving people through into the Capitol. There was violence there, but nothing even close to what we saw in 2020 from the “Black Lives Matter” riots. Where were the media coverage and elected officials condoning the violence last year when cities burned across the US?

NO violent “protests” are OK. Period.

You don’t need the government to censor people when tech companies will do it for you

This is a HUGE concern to me right now. People talk about the government censoring people and how bad it would be. However, the reality is that if you get the companies on board who control the majority of communications, payment processing, banking, and technical services to do the censoring, then the government doesn’t need to do anything. As someone who supports free speech, it is insanely concerning that these huge technology monopolies kick people off the platforms for differing political views. During the riots of 2020, there were so many death threats, calls for violence, encouraging of rioting, and other heinous things on platforms like Twitter and Facebook that they allowed being up (and still are) on their platforms. But again, these calls for heinous acts were coming from people on the liberal sides of things, so they allowed it.

We’ve seen over a dozen tech companies deplatform the President of the United States over differences in political views. But make NO mistake, this has nothing to do with Trump at all – he is just the catalyst they are using as the excuse to censor and deplatform people. This is all about controlling who can and who cannot speak online. If it is not enough to make it impossible to reach people, they will go as far as having payment processors and e-commerce services drop them to starve them financially. It’s happening to higher-level people right now, but how long until it happens to people like you and me?

Services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud power many of the websites that we use every day across the world. They make setup and scaling easy if you are growing your online business, but this means we have only a few large companies with an insane amount of power. They can shut you down at a moment’s notice.

Amazon’s excuse for kicking Parler off because of some users posting terrible and illegal messages is not the real reason for kicking them off. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms always have people posting hateful and illegal things on them. Parler and these other sites’ difference is that Parler is heavily conservative-leaning while the others are liberal-leaning. This is about silencing/killing off competition so the liberals have more control, plain and simple.

Now, these companies are private companies, and they can kick people off. Some will say, make your own platform and server farms. Fine, let’s say I want to set up my own social media network. I will need money to help fund the operation. But the credit card companies and payment processors are bending the knees to the liberal mobs, cutting off funding for other companies to have a chance. Look at the website Gab.com. They have been kicked off all cloud hosting platforms, payment processors, and some banks. They can only collect payments by mailing checks, BitCoin, and a direct wire transfer. Killing off credit card processing makes trying to run a company insanely hard.

Everyone also forgets about Section 230, which grants sites like Facebook and Twitter immunity from legal action for their users’ posts. With the 2+ years of censorship of conservative voices and now the mass deplatforming of them, they act like a publisher and not a platform. Section 230 protections should be stripped away from them.

We are on a slippery slope right now and something needs to stop it.
These are the kinds of actions I would expect to see happening in China, not the US.


The reality is that trying to silence people because you don’t agree with them only breeds extremism (this applies to either side). If this continues, Twitter and Facebook will end up being an echo chamber for liberal ideals. Whatever other platforms can power through all the obstacles that they face will end up being an echo chamber for conservative ideals.

If you are someone who heavily relies on “cloud” services, I would highly recommend moving as much as you can locally to your own computers/servers now. For the services that you cannot move, then make sure you have good backups of that data. I spent many hours canceling many services that I use online and moving them to my local computers, so I have a few fewer things to worry about someone else having the power to cut me off from. It may sound paranoid or extreme, but so did the things that have happened recently had you said them a month ago.

Besides moving services and data to local resources, I’ve also canceled my Amazon Prime accounts and Amazon Credit cards. It will be less convenient to order from other places, but I will not help fund a company like Amazon anymore. I have many complaints about them, and kicking Parler off their AWS platform was the final straw for me. I will be using this as an opportunity to purchase from smaller businesses that can really use the extra sales right now, even if that means paying a little more.

We need balance in life, which means that there will be people you disagree with. Hearing from “the other side” helps you grow as a person and helps you see where other people are coming from.

This is a battle against all of us. Liberals, conservatives, atheists, Christians, black, white, etc. They want to keep their monopoly over speech. They want us fighting. They don’t want us working together. They don’t want us working with each other, they want us hating one another.

John Matze – Parler CEO