This page is for custom firmware based on Marlin 1.1 BugFix that was developed between myself and Downloads will be maintained and posted here for anyone with a CR-10 and customers of TinyMachines3D. Unless you purchased a machine from TinyMachines3D there is NO support for this firmware.

In general this should be considered a BETA version and may have bugs. I have this personally loaded on my own CR-10 S4 with the stock hardware and have not had issues with it after over 200+ hours of printing with it.

You must first flash your bootloader since the stock board does NOT have one from the factory. Follow this guide to do so. You will need an Arduino UNO or similar. If you do not feel comfortable flashing your bootloader you can contact me for options on getting it flashed. Bootloader flashing guide:

If you need to purchase an Arduino Uno kit with the jumper wires you can order them on Amazon below:

Binary Flashing Instructions (WINDOWS ONLY):

  1. Connect your printer to your PC using the USB cable
  2. Download the Binary firmware from here: 
  3. Extract the ZIP file you downloaded
  4. Open the FirmwareLoader folder
  5. Run the avrdudess.exe file
  6. Set your COM port, verify the baud rate, MCU Type, and browse to the firmware for your printer – see picture below and its highlighted areas
    1. There are firmware files for each printer model. Select the one that is for your model (CR-10, CR-10 S4, or CR-10 S5)
  7. Once you have the COM port of your printer selected (just click the drop down) and the correct firmware loaded click the “GO” button that is highlighted in the picture above.
  8. That’s all! You have the latest firmware!

Firmware Source (NO SUPPORT)

If you wish to compile from the Marlin base that we used you can download it here. We will not respond to requests for help with the source build. You will need Sanguino and U8GLIB for your Arduino IDE. Source: 

Binaries for CR-10 S4 and CR-10 S5 for use with Silicone Bed Heater: 

Binaries for CR-10, CR-10 S4, and CR-10 S5 for the EZABL Kits (Fang and Stock Mount): 

Source for CR-10, CR-10 S4, and CR-10 S5 for the EZABL Kits (Fang and Stock Mount): 

Binaries for CR-10, CR-10 S4, and CR-10 S5 for Stock & EZABL Kits (Fang and Stock Mount) – BED PROTECTION DISABLED:

Bed protection can cause Heating failed errors if your bed takes too long to heat. This was provided as a few people have printers in cooler locations that were triggering the bed protection and halting the printer. If you have this issue please use this firmware instead of the above options.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

While this firmware has been tested on many machines and had no issues we cannot guarantee that you will have no problems. Anything from PC issues, USB cable, power outages, etc can cause a flash to go wrong and brick your board. This firmware is provided AS-IS and you agree that by downloading any files from this website that Timothy Hoogland and his associates are NOT liable for any physical, monetary, virtual, or any damages that could occur to your hardware, person, and/or property.

TLDR; We are not responsible in any way if you damage anything by attempting to flash this firmware on your printer.

If you do have an issue contact me and I can help you get the printer back up and running as I do offer repair services.