CR-10 Z Axis Mechanical Troubleshooting


Bed has sides that are lower and/or higher than the rest of the bed even after manual or automatic leveling.


After sending out multiple kits, and receiving feedback from customers who are having issues, I have determined that there are many users who have Z axis’s which were not working correctly, and this issue is causing the probe to not work correctly. Before you move forward with installation, you should check that you can easily move your Z axis lead screws. If there is a lot of resistance then you need to adjust and/or lube your Z axis (both sides if you have dual Z).

If you are getting inconsistent or odd behavior with the ABL (or manual leveling) then a possible culprit is a Z axis which is binding up in certain spots.

The Z leadscrews should be able to be turned by hand with minimal effort.


With the motors DISABLED try moving the Z by grabbing the coupler (the silver piece that connects the leadscrew to the motor) and turning it.

There should be little to no resistance when you do this. If you have resistance then proceed with the checks below. You must check this by HAND. Just because it moves with the motors does NOT mean you do not have an issue.

Leadscrew Alignment

Your leadscrew should be the same distance from the extrusion from TOP to BOTTOM. Measure this. If yours is tilted try the “Z Motor is too close to the extrusion” solution below.

Resolution/Possible Causes

  • Z Motor is too close to the extrusion
  • Z Leadscrew Brass Nut is Binding
    • Loosen the screws on the brass nut about about 3/4 turn so it is slightly loose in the bracket. This applies to BOTH if you have Dual Z
  • Z Tension Bearings are too tight
    • On each of your Z axis/X Gantry brackets there is a single wheel. This wheel has an eccentric nut that is used to adjust tension. Use the included wrench and turn this nut until you are just able to move that wheel smoothly with your hand. It should NOT spin freely but it should just touch the extrusion enough to keep the gantry straight.
  • Z Leadscrew needs Lubrication
    • If the above fixes do not work try adding lubrication to the leadscrew from top to bottom. You just need a small amount and then move the z up and down completely a few times to spread the lube evenly. I recommend you do this anyways as it will help ensure smooth operation of the printer.
    • Large Tube:
    • Small Tube:

EZABL Kit – Add Auto Bed Leveling to Virtually Any Printer!


The EZABL Kit is a fully original design that makes adding an Auto Bed Leveling Sensor to your printer much easier than DIY solutions.

There are 2 verisons available. The Direct Wire and EZ-Connect.

There is a 1-3 day lead time on this item. Meaning it MIGHT take up to 3 business days to ship as they are made to order in house. Due to the high demand this item goes out of stock quick. The next batch is due in 2-3 weeks from now. You can sign up for in stock notifications on the product pages for each kit version.

You will receive a full kit that includes:

  • Power Adapter (US Plug, 110-220V) (EZ-Connect Version) OR 3FT of Wire (Direct Version)
  • Sensor with 1 Meter Cable
  • Our Original EZABL module
  • Printed Case for the EZABL module – Color is Black, Silver, or White, depends on stock
  • Full documentation on getting it up and running (Provided in a PDF Format) – Password is emailed to you after your order is processed.

There is also FREE email support included to help you get going and printing with a leveled bed

Extensive firmware setup assistance – phone, messenger, or video chat – is available but there is a charge for this due to the involvement required. Meaning if you want to add ABL and aren’t familiar with your board/printer firmware I can assist you with this.

This kit has been in development for 6 months and has been proven to be accurate and reliable. It works on Glass, Aluminum, Steel, BuildTak, and many other solid surfaces.

If you have any inquiries feel free to Contact Me!

Full details here:

Anycubic Kossel Pulley Delta Review – Sponsored by

This is the review of the AnyCubic Kossel Delta Printer (Pulley Version).

This was provided by GearBest for review and this is my honest opinion.

The bottom line is it’s a nice kit and has a lot of potential and printed very well out of the box. I have a lot of upgrade in store for it so stay tuned!

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[TTT] Getting started with 3D Printing with the Anet A8 Printer – Overdue Update

A few months ago I posted 2 articles (Post 1 & Post 2) about upgrades to do to the Anet A8 printer. I planned on writing more guides in addition to the 2 mentioned but I quickly found that there was just too much to cover in regards to this printer. I was constantly making changes here and there to the printer so it was hard to keep up.

The bottom line is that the first 2 articles I posted are really all that you need to get good prints and make the printer reliable. Anything further than that you will be customizing the printer for a specific need that you have or want. As I write this followup my printer only has 2 things that are factory left on it; the heated bed PCB and the frame. I have replaced and upgraded every other part on the printer and even added dual color support through the single hotend. The guides were meant to get you started with the printer and to make it safer, these 2 posts did just that.

That is really all that I needed to say on the matter. There will be no other posts as I feel the ones already published cover the goal of the articles and anything further would not be applicable to everyone as people have different demands and needs for their individual printer.

If you need help and/or have questions please check out the Official Anet A8 Printer group here: I help run this group now with a few other people and it is a great place to get help with your A8 or similar printers.

I will also be attending MidWest Rep Rap Fest so let me know if you will be there as well!