I’m tired.

I’m tired of people “worrying” about a virus/jab/mask.
I’m tired of our government ruining our economy.
I’m tired of trying to get inventory for my business.
I’m tired of worrying about money while my ex-wife has almost 1/4 of a million $ of my money.
I’m tired of people fucking me over.
I’m tired of having to work insane hours just to survive.
I’m tired of trying to get people to understand my side of things.
I’m tired of the left censoring the right.
I’m tired of our freedoms being stripped way under bullshit guises.
I’m tired of seeing women whining about “abortion rights” but men are forced to work for 18 years for a kid they didn’t want.
I’m tired of feeling like men are disposable.
I’m tired of dealing with stupid people who think they can treat others like shit because they’re incompetent.
I’m tired of there being some new bullshit every other month.
I’m tired of dealing with other people’s fuck ups every week.
I’m tired of idiots who have never run a business trying to tell me how to do things.

People keep saying that shit has been this hard forever but I think they are trying to kid themselves. I want to take a break but I literally cannot without it potentially hurting my business. I feel trapped here and there is no way out, especially with the economy in shambles because of our absolutely incompetent leaders. Getting political for a sec – If you think Biden is a good president then you are clearly not paying attention to what’s happening.

Over the last year I’ve survived a divorce, lost one of my dogs, had to put my cat down, and 3 relatives died. I need a break but I know I can’t take one right now. My business is on the decline from this shit economy and that means I have to work extra hard to keep things moving or it will fail. I can’t hire more people to help me because the money isn’t there. When you own a small business if there is work that needs to be done and you can’t afford more help then you have to do it, which means more hours.

I’ve needed things to ease up for over a year but it’s not happening. I am worried about possibly losing my business, losing my home, and losing everything else I’ve worked for over the last 15 years of my life. If I don’t want to hang out this is why. I’m tired and exhausted. It’s not you, it’s me. I will get through this like I always do I write on here to “vent” and let others know they aren’t alone in these trying times. Thanks for listening.

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