Don’t fall for Samsungs trade in and “free” watch scams.

UPDATE 7/22/2022 – They finally issued the refund and a CSR called to make sure the chargeback was closed. No apology. But it’s over. Any suggestions on a brand to go with for my next phone?

I posted an article on this site about the issues with the S22 Ultra I had where it was not even a month old and the microphones were failing. I am STILL dealing with and wasting time on trying to get this exchange completed. Here is that previous article:

The TLDR so far.

TLDR is that I got a S22 Ultra on a trade in, it was defective in less than 30 days, took it to a “Repair center” and they told me to get it exchanged since it was so new. I spent time on the phone and live chat and got the phone swapped out. The new phone is working but now they are not issuing a full refund on the defective order because their team is completely incompetent. They want to charge me for the promotional watch that I was instructed and confirmed to NOT be charge on. Now they’re trying to charge me for it.

Why not return it?

If I could have returned it and got my old S21 Ultra back I would. But once you do a trade-in they will tell you that it cannot be recovered and they also will not give you the trade in price back as a check or even a store credit. This is how they trap you into keeping the new device unless you are OK with losing the trade in device, which in my case was a perfectly working S21 Ultra that is almost $1K used still.

Not Honoring the Original Deal

I check my email today and I get an email from some indian support rep stating that they will not be refunding the full amount unless the watch that I was told to return was sent back. Now at this point I do not even want to be using any Samsung devices because of how terrible this was handled and I want them to honor the original deal. This is the email I got today from the Samsugn ecommerce team:

Show us the receipts!

It’s really simple. Here is a chat transcript from 7/8/22 from the rep stating that the watch will be give to me for free. I used their live chat on 7/1/2022 which is how I got the new order for the trade in to be applied to it.

I’m Done with Samsung

At this point I will be filing a chargeback with my American Express card to recover the funds but this is why I will never purchase another Samsung device again. They have a very short return and exchange window (15 days). I am also sure that most people would be very upset if they had a $1400 phone that was defective in less than a month and they have to go through all this crap that I have. This is also not even mentioning that because I sent my old S21 Ultra in for a trade in I was left without a phone and ended up having to purchase a different device for a backup in case I had issues again.

I run a business myself and if a product is defective in less than a month we exchange it for them and bear all the costs. This is nuts that on such a high priced item they are trying to conduct business this way. At this point I’ve opened a dispute for the full amount with my American Express card and I am going to let them sort this out.

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