This is literally the week from hell…But I’m learning new skills

So it’s Thursday and so far this has been the bullshit I’ve had to deal with:

  1. Electrical issues with my car due to incompetence from the repair shop I used.
  2. Sewer line issues on the house.
  3. Sump pump well stinking up the whole house (likely related to the sewer line issues) so they have to be closed up so the house doesn’t get stunk up.
  4. Main AC in the shop died.
  5. Main AC in my house died.

This is an insane amount of shit to deal with on top of trying to keep my business running. Is it too much to ask for ONE WEEK where my time isn’t being absolutely consumed with bullshit and I can focus on stuff I need to get done? Apparently the universe thinks so.

But reframing this into something positive. I am learning how to repair HVAC units myself. I have the funds to purchase the tools to do so. I was able to get the car sorted out quickly and the shop didn’t give me hassle with getting the battery they forgot to install and the issues went away.

Shout out to Cody whos a customer of mine thats an HVAC guy for helping with assisting in troubleshooting the AC units. Hopefully once the tools come in I can fix them myself instead of having to get bent over by an HVAC company. As being the one everyone else relies on it’s nice to meet others who are willing to give me a hand when I need it. I truly appreciate it.

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