BAD COMPANY PSA – Trying to get warranty support from MrCool is impossible.

Timeline Info

On Monday (7/18) one of my guys that works in my shop told me the AC wasn’t working well. We popped the access panel up and the filters were very clean (we clean them every 4-5 months at most) and we saw ice on the one side of the unit. I did my due diligence and shut the unit down and then cleaned the evap coil. The outside coil was clean as well as we keep those cleaned off 2-3 times a year depending on how bad the pollen/dogwood is.

So I have it checked and its low on the R410a. I had my buddy who does HVAC for a living take a look at it and we found a small leak at one of the fittings at the condenser. It looks like their quick connects they used (not normal flare fittings) failed and was leaking the refrigerant out. These units were purchased through HomeDepot on 6/4/2019 and they were installed on 7/1/2019. They have a 5 year warranty from the installation date. I have pictures and videos showing them running on that day. I have 3 of these units and this one is already failing.

I like these units when they work and based on my recommendations I know at least 7 other people who bought at least 1 one unit because I was happy with them. Now I can tell you DO NOT DO IT. The product is nice but if you ever need help with it they will not be there. Their warranty means NOTHING.

Trying to get a hold of support…

I made a ticket on 7/19 after cleaning the unit and having my HVAC guy look at it. The unit has a leak and needs to be repaired/replaced. Now I can have this done but it’s under the 5 year warranty for all parts.

As of writing this post I have called them 22 times in total on their main line that is 270-366-0457. Every time I call you get put in a call queue for 10-20 minutes and forced to listen to terrible “jokes” the entire time and then sent to a sales voicemail box. I’ve emailed them 2 times a day every day as well.

Direct Contact to MrCool Reps

While I’ve been looking through reviews where they responded I’ve noticed there are some emails posted. I am posting them here so you all can hopefully contact them in the event that you need help. I am emailing them as well. If I get a response I’ll post an update.

Social Media Contact

Today I reached out with my company twitter account and someone replied. I sent them a DM and then they just ghosted me. I then went to their facebook page and got a reply. They told me someone would contact me today, they didn’t. I am TIRED of companies that do not stand behind their stuff. At this point, I’ve heard this same song and dance from many others who have tried to get their stuff replaced and I CANNOT RECOMMEND MRCOOL. I run a business and if we did this to our customers we would be raked over the coals. Based on my first hand experience and numerous reviews on the company itself plus product reviews their “BESt waRrANTy iN THE iNDUStrY” literally means nothing, maybe they’re following the Creality playbook of abandoning customers with broken products.


What to do now?

At this point I’ve filed a BBB complaint like a boomer would. Left negative reviews on TrustPilot, BBB, and ResellerRatings. I am going to keep trying to get a hold of them but at some point I am literally going to have to repair or replace this on my own. I do not want to attempt a repair myself or have anyone else do it because I don’t want them to try and say that my warranty is void.

If you look at reviews (these were not there when I bought these) you’ll see this behavior and not giving a crap about their customers is par for the course with MrCool. I posted a short list below.


I am also going to see if HomeDepot can do anything since I bought it from them. Hopefully they can do something because they are the reseller.

But just based on this and all the numerous negative reviews having the same experience I have I will tell you to NOT PURCHASE MRCOOL units. There are many other brands out there and one thing any company listens to is their bottom line.

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