Update on the MrCool issues.

Just posting a quick update. After I emailed those addresses I listed in the previous post someone actually got back to me. We found a leak on the plunger coupling at the swivel part. They are sending out a new inside air handler. After talking to the tech they are very swamped and trying to keep up with customer demands. I understand that difficulty but they need to COMMUNICATE that with their customers. As someone who runs a company that is focused on making sure we communicate and support our customers I can tell you that just communicating with them proper expectations of response times makes a huge difference between customers thinking you are blowing them off and them being patient.

While I appreciate them sending out a new indoor air handler and not sending the broken one back I think I am just going to repair the lineset myself by removing their plunger adapters and putting on a traditional flare fitting. I’ll let you all know how that goes. I am still leaning on the side of not recommending them because in cases like this you still need an HVAC person to fix the issues. These issues are caused by their quick connect fittings. I am definitely wary of my other units developing the same issues. I may try to remove the linesets on the others and add some nylog on them after I look at the failed fitting that I remove from the other one.

Leak at the swivel portion of the plunger fitting on my unit.

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