You can’t redefine everything just because it goes against your agenda.

The left needs to stop changing the definition of things to suit their narrative. We are in a recession because Joe Biden is a shit president. Take responsibility for your own shit actions. You’re fucking us all over because you’re incompetent “leaders”.

As it always go the lefties in the media and tech companies are helping to “change” the definition of a recession that has been the standard for YEARS (that is 2 quarters of negative GDP growth). Wikipedia has locked articles trying to keep the actual definition because wikipedia is a very left leaning site. Don’t take my word for it check the edit logs on the article:

They did this with “gender” and all this other shit. Reality is what it is, you cannot change it because it hurts your feelings. As someone who runs a business and had to let people go over negative revenue I can tell you we are definitely in a recession.

The democrats fucked us all, especially lower and middle class people. If you vote for these morons again you are probably braindead. We need to get ALL of these old fuckers out of positions of power (left and right) and put in people who actually will act in favor for US, not their interests.

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