Looking to treat your ADHD? Stay away from Done.

This post was going to be a long thing but I can’t waste any more time on this company. I started out with them to help treat my ADHD but it ended up being a huge frustration. My doctor cancelled multiple appointments in a row with less than 12 hours notice. They have been pushing ads on facebook, tiktok, and youtube like crazy. But they will not deliver on their promises. This is one of the most frustrating companies I have ever dealt with.

Then after bitching at them over email and social media for DAYS they finally got back to me and rescheduled with a new doctor but put it in the wrong timezone. So I missed that appointment by 1 hour since they set it in EDT and I am in CDT. They then wanted to charge me $120+ for a reschedule for the appointment that they cancelled 2 times on me. This company is terrible and if you read the reviews online and even on the /r/ADHD reddit community you’ll see that this is not uncommon for them. Don’t waste your time. Most ADHD treatments use medication that you need to consistently take.

Because of the failure to provide a service because of their incompetence I’ve stopped taking it and working on things like DBT workbooks, general understanding of the condition, and nootropics. Luckily the medication I was on you can stop pretty easily with minor withdrawals but I feel bad for others who would be on meds where you have to taper off because this service would be borderline dangerous to them and their mental health. This is the 2nd time I’ve tried to work with a doctor with medications to treat my ADHD and both times it ended up being a huge pain in the ass to deal with.

This company clearly just took advantage of the new “COVID” rules that allowed to telemedicine to take place and they don’t care about their clients. They only care about collecting that monthly charge and not even doing the bare minimum of providing the service. I am DONE with done. I do NOT recommend you check them out at all. I have found an over the counter supplement that works for me and I will post an update about it at a later date.

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