Litter Robot 3 – Got an old wifi model? Get f*cked. Pay $100 per unit.

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So today I was updating my devices to a new SSID and I have 3 Litter Robot 3 units. One has a new Wifi unit I installed today and that one works great but the other 2 will NOT reconnect. Basically, if your serial number begins with LR3CO and not LR3CI then you will have to replace the board to get wifi working again at the price of $100 per kit. I hate this IoT stuff sometimes and this is why I like DIYing my stuff.

If you are trying to connect a litter robot with the LR3CO serial number just give up. I wasted 2 hours trying to get these working only to find out that they have abandoned support for these older units. There is NOTHING wrong with the hardware, this is simply a firmware issue.

After doing some more digging it looks like they are just screwing over old users. You cannot update the firmware and they will not give it to you. This sucks because I had to shell out another $200 for 2 new LR3 connect boards to replace the ones that work but are not working on wifi anymore due to firmware issues. I will be thinking long and hard about buying these again.

Read more here ( about a case study that talks about older “1.0” Litter Robot 3 units. Basically, if you were an early adopter you can get f*cked.


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