Dear liberals – People are allowed to have different opinions.

I posted the other day about my displeasure for putting the burden of paying student loans that people took out voluntarily onto all Americans. Some people in the online communities I am in took to telling me how I am an “asshole” and other things because I do not want my tax dollars going to any kind of student loans (or anything else that is a handout for that matter). If you are so concerned with others needing financial help there is nothing stopping you from giving them money from your own bank accounts, stop reaching into other people’s pockets through taxes and inflation caused by more government spending.

The common denominator I noticed over the years is the people who will try and come after you are usually people who are liberals, which is why I am writing this post. The thing is that you and I are allowed to have different opinions. I am tired of and will vehemently speak out against people (usually this is done by liberals) thinking that they have a right to attack/harass/try to cancel other people because they don’t agree with them. They’ll try to dig up your past to try and make you look bad because their goal is to try and destroy you if you won’t bend to what they want. An example is people who have no idea about how businesses work equating PPP loans to student loan debt. PPP loans were not the same as paying off your liberal arts degrees because you can’t find a good-paying job with them. PPP loans went to keeping people paid during government shutdowns because of that little virus that was going around.

I don’t know how we got to a place in this country where this is acceptable for people to do. People need to speak up against these online bullies who attack others because they’re so displeased with their sad lives that they attempt to try and feel superior over others by tearing them down. I will not change my opinion just because someone is attacking me over it. In fact, when most people are attacked over things they feel strongly about you are only further pushing them further to double down on what they believe.

The other thing is that whatever I post I will stand behind it. If I am actually wrong about something that is factual (not an opinion) then I will have no issue admitting to making a mistake. But I will not backpedal or back down on something just because you are being an online bully to try and push your opinion and/or agendas on me. I used to get bullied when I was in grade school and that stopped when I stood up for myself one day and kicked their asses back. Pick your battles, but don’t let people push you around if it’s something you believe is worth fighting for.

I am seeing more and more people pushing back against these people and it makes me happy to see people finally growing a backbone. What most people behaving like this online do not realize is that the majority of people are tired of it, they are just afraid to speak up but that is changing. You guys don’t control speech, others’ opinions, or the internet. Remember that you can agree to disagree on things and still be kind to people who you don’t agree with.

Stand your ground if you believe in something. Don’t let these people win.

PS – If you don’t like what I write on my own personal blog, then don’t read it. No one is forcing anyone to read what I write here.

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