Update on the Litter Robot Wifi Board Issue – Discounted Replacement

A few weeks ago I posted about my issues with the older Wifi boards. These boards are the ones with the SEPARATE wifi module that is connected to the main board via a cable. Both of those boards were not able to connect again to the new system Litter Robot has. I found out that the new boards with the ESP32 chips on them for the wifi are the ones that work now because I was upgrading a non-wifi model with wifi and it worked perfectly while my older units didn’t.

I can confirm that you will get it working with the new boards from LitterRobot and if you email them they will give you a 50% discount to replace the older boards. Don’t be a “karen” about it but let them know you are not happy with this and you want a discount for the trouble so you can use the device features that you ORIGINALLY paid for. One other person confirmed the discounted replacement on my Youtube video I made about this so I wanted to share this. Don’t get me wrong, it still sucks to have to buy another piece of hardware because of the company’s shortcomings but it is better than nothing.

New Board Type

Old Board Type (These do NOT work anymore on wifi)

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