Losers hate successful people.

This is something I’ve noticed for a while as a person who has tirelessly worked hard my entire life.

People who amount to nothing in life for whatever reason are usually the ones who will continually go out of their way (for years sometimes) to spread hate and negativity about someone simply because they are doing well.

I got to where I am solely because I was willing to make sacrifices and put in the work required to be successful. There are people out there who I haven’t even interacted with who will twist things to fit a narrative that somehow I got to where I am because they assume my parents are well off, that I am up to no good because they dislike my existence, or because of my gender/race. They don’t see the years of long hours, sleepless nights, and sacrificing “fun” stuff because work comes first, all they see is the end result. They do this because it gives them an excuse in their own minds to continue being mediocre.

I think part of it comes from this weird societal construct where people who portray themselves as victims are “strong” but if you are doing well and “brag” about doing well then people will try to put you down. We all need to work on breaking this habit. Just because someone else is doing well doesn’t mean that you’re doing poorly because of their success. I have many friends who are also business owners and make a lot more money than I do. Do I resent them? No! I’m happy for them because I know they got there through hard work and dedication. Cut people out of your life who resent you for doing well, they are not good people to have in your life at all.

Whenever I see someone trying to start some drama (especially when they are nobody) I don’t give them attention because this is what they want. They are sad people who have nothing else better to do with their time but to use it to put someone else down so they can feel better about themselves. Perhaps if they took the time to work on themselves instead of wasting energy attacking others they could do something to better themselves instead.

There are multiple people who constantly spread generalized negativity about myself and/or my business solely because they don’t like that I am still around and still doing something with my life. Some of these people have held onto this hate and negativity for years because that is how sad their lives are. When I see these people trying to spread negativity about myself or whatever I am working on it’s just more motivation to push through the hard stuff and be successful despite the obstacles life throws my way. I do my best to stay true to my values and principles despite the “haters”.

Next time someone is trying to rain on your parade while you’re just trying to make something of yourself in this world ask yourself;
Do you worry about the ants you step on when you walk outside?

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