Amazon enables fraud and bans you from leaving reviews for pointing it out.

This post is covering 2 things. One is Amazon selling knock-offs of my products and the other is selling USED and usually broken/incorrect products as new to their customers. I’ve been a customer of Amazon since 2006, that is 16 YEARS. I’ve heavily switched my spending from them and canceled my Prime membership for a multitude of reasons.

The main reason is they send USED and usually broken (or the wrong product) in place of NEW items. Just this year I’ve had over 22 orders show up with used and broken items that were sent out instead of being handled properly by their returns team. I’ve had personal purchases and ones for my business affected by these. I even reached out to 3rd party sellers to ask why they are selling used items as new and I was told by one of them (sunlu) that they cannot tell amazon to not restock used items into new stock. I’ve tried leaving reviews on products that were affected by this bait and switch but they will not post them because it “violates their guidelines”.

If you get a package from Amazon and there is a label with “LPN” on it, SEND IT BACK. These labels are for return tracking. Just last week I got a set of car speakers that had one on it and inside was broken, incorrect speakers.


I’ve also tried leaving reviews on items that are literally knock-offs of my own products and they also will not publish them or even remove the infringing listings. They are part of the problem of these morally bankrupt (usually sellers from China) who are profiting off of other people’s IP and work.

After leaving reviews for the knock-offs along with the used products I received they deemed it a “violation of their guidelines” and removed my account’s ability to leave reviews on ANY products.

With all that being said I will continue to vote with my wallet and stop spending money with Amazon every chance I get even if that means paying more (which usually isn’t the case). Today I called about these used issues again and the rep I spoke with told me the previous rep I spoke with who told me they were filing a complaint not only never filed the complaint but also did not process a credit I was promised for my trouble either.

Here is another video where I show used products:

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