The EZABL Kit is a fully original design that makes adding an Auto Bed Leveling Sensor to your printer much easier than DIY solutions.

There are 2 verisons available. The Direct Wire and EZ-Connect.

The EZ-Connect is mainly for CR-10 Users that want a quick installation where you don’t have to cut any wires or tap into the printer power. Just plug in the kit to the wall outlet (or USB Port with the optional adapter), connect the Z endstop, and load the firmware.

The Direct Wire is for all printer users that don’t mind running a 12V power wire to their power supply (included) and cutting the Z endstop wire and inserting it into the screw terminals on the module. This will also work with the CR-10, you can even put the module INSIDE your control box!

There is a 1-3 day lead time on this item. Meaning it MIGHT take up to 3 business days to ship as they are made to order in house.

You will receive a full kit that includes:

  • Power Adapter (US Plug, 110-220V) (EZ-Connect Version) OR 3FT of Wire (Direct Version)
  • Sensor with 1 Meter Cable
  • Our Original EZABL module
  • Printed Case for the EZABL module – Color is Black, Silver, or White, depends on stock
  • Full documentation on getting it up and running (Provided in a PDF Format) – Password is emailed to you after your order is processed.

There is also FREE email support included to help you get going and printing with a leveled bed

Extensive firmware setup assistance – phone, messenger, or video chat – is available but there is a charge for this due to the involvement required. Meaning if you want to add ABL and aren’t familiar with your board/printer firmware I can assist you with this.

This kit has been in development for 6 months and has been proven to be accurate and reliable. It works on Glass, Aluminum, Steel, BuildTak, and many other solid surfaces.

If you have any inquiries feel free to Contact Me!

Sensor Mounts

Wiring Tips For Direct Wire Kits

Since it is impossible to include all the printers that this kit could work on I will just add the notes for the printers that I have personally and know very well.

  • CR-10 Series – You can pull power from the “Output 12V (Fan)” terminals in the picture below as this is always on. You can also pull power direct off the power supply as well. It doesn’t matter and is personal preference as to WHERE you pull power from as long as it’s 12V and always on when the printer is on.