CR-10 Solid Bed Mounts with Pi Camera and Wire Strain – AUTO LEVEL SENSOR REQUIRED

These are solid bed mounts for the CR-10. They are 22mm in height and get you the most out of the Z height when using them. You MUST have an autolevel sensor since you can no longer level the bed.


You will need 2 of the simple mounts (look at the beginning of the file names for how many to print). I printed everything at 100% infill and drilled out the holes in the mounts to fit the screws. They may or may not be tight as is when you print them so be prepared to drill them out to get the stock screws to fit.

Print in ABS or PETG at the least due to the heat that they will be around.

Wire Strain Source:
Pi Camera Source: 


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My bed mounts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Original models are under their respective licenses.

Following up on Chinese Back Door Cameras – LeFun/BEW/VimTag/Fujikam/SkyGenius

UPDATE (10/25/2016): They are now being sold under the brand name “SkyGenius”. STAY AWAY. These are the same backdoored cameras as before. Theses are the kinds of cameras that were likely used in the DDOS attacks that took place last week. Link:

I just wanted to make a quick post that these camera companies are removing and deleting reviews on the Amazon pages that alert people to the behavior that I outlined in my previous post: Chinese IP Cameras – The next Trojan Horses? VimTag/BEW/Fujikam

ALL the reviews on the BEW version are gone and the ones I left on the VimTag ones are removed as well. In addition to that they are now being sold under the “LeFun” brand.

Beware of off brand cameras – Even from Amazon – Cameras found with embedded malware

I came across this when going through my feed today and wanted to share this with you all. I myself have purchased a few off brand cameras and have had good luck with them but now I am going to be MUCH more careful when getting them in the future, as well as taking a closer look at the ones I have in my network already. Read the below quote and links from
Be careful while buying any off-brand electronics from Amazon, as they could end up infecting you.
Recently, independent security researcher Mike Olsen discovered that the CCTV surveillance devices sold on Amazon came with pre-installed malware.
Olsen discovered this nasty secret after he bought a set of outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras from Amazon for one of his friends.
He picked Sony Chip HD 6 Camera 1080P PoE IP CCTV surveillance camera kit sold by the Urban Security Group (USG) on Amazon, as it had good reviews and was a relatively cheap set of 6 cameras with all necessary equipment included.
While helping his friend set up the cameras, Olsen logged into the administrator panel to configure the surveillance system and found that the page hosted “no normal controls or settings.”
Assuming that it might be bad programming, Olsen opened up the browser’s developer tools and was surprised to discover a hidden iFrame loaded at the bottom of the body tag, retrieving content from

Surveillance Camera Comes Pre-Installed with Malware

A quick Google search revealed that the domain was used in malware distribution campaigns, according to a blog post by cyber-security vendor Sucuri in 2011.


In short, this means that the newly bought surveillance camera kit could be infected with malware anytime, when the operator decides to push malicious code to the DVR’s backend through the hidden iFrame.


Once the CCTV camera’s operator accessed that page, the malware would be downloaded and installed, potentially leading to unlawful spying and data theft.


Since the domain was already on the firmware, there might be other nasty malware included in the firmware as well, that does not provide the camera’s owner to access the backend.


The malware distributed by the surveillance cameras can have the ability to hijack video feeds or make the customer’s cameras part of a DDoS Botnet, something that happened last year.


So be careful what you buy. Check reviews of every product before buying, even if the product brand and the eCommerce platform is trusted.


Having issues with an Invalid IMEI on the LG G5 Promotion Page? Read here!

LG G5 Promotion Site Link:

Many other users have posted online today since the LG G5 rebate site went live that they are getting an “IMEI number is invalid. (1)” when trying to submit their promotion info.


I was having the same issue and then remembered that some phones used to show a MEID number that is 1 digit shorter (on the last digit) than the IMEI. I deleted the LAST number of my IMEI number from the entry and it worked! I just wanted to share this in case someone else was having the same issue. Here’s my confirmation email!